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Mission Statement

The Student Apprentice Inc. is committed to providing an extraordinary program for educating future business leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and scholars. Our mission is to cultivate 21st Century business leadership and social consciousness while teaching students how to be active community participants.


Students are empowered with leadership roles and responsibilities to plan, implement and manage student initiated projects, programs and community activities; through the appointment of board membership on the Teen Action Board. As well as, through the delegation of chapter officer positions and tasks. In addition, The Student Apprentice takes the time to provide educational support, mentoring and apprenticeships to those students who participate in our program, community service activities and community based learning projects. Some of our student initiated programs include our annual Be Fit 4 Life health expo, where students select, research and present on prevention and other health related topics. Another project is our Dream Expo, where students identify, explore and present future career options. One of our favorite collaborations are our service activities to support homeless teams. Every month our teens participate in community activities; however, the ones that generate the most passion and participation are the ones that are perform to aid homeless teens, like our jean and peanut butter poetry slam drive and the Tech2Life "donate your used technology drive".



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by Rena S. (2015-07-21 10:00:55.0)
This group was very positive and I enjoyed every minute.
by Detta J. from Houston, TX (2015-04-27 20:32:52.0)
The organization contained several helpful and colorful individuals. Everyone was well-mannered and devoted to the work assigned.