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Mission Statement

World Women And Children Mission, WWCM is a non profit organization working to bring the concern of women and children to the attention of the world and help provide solutions to the problems facing them. we are committed to leading the course for positive social change, eradication of poverty , sustainable development and growth worldwide ,focusing on providing and advancing equal opportunity for every child every women everywhere.


Mankind longs and desires to be free from avoidable scourges including sickness, social injustice, instability, poor health and poverty. children from underprivileged families and communities have to suffer a lot through child labor, abuse, exploitation, child trafficking and neglect. These children have no hope of education. Women are discriminated against, exploited, suffer violence against them, denied educational opportunity and better jobs. The problem is worsening by poverty, making it difficult for them to escape. . It is out of these challenges that WORLD WOMEN AND CHILDREN MISSION was born : to bring the concern of women and children to the attention of the world and work to resolve them, to work to provide opportunity to them to help solve problems facing them. Believing in the potentials of the people, we work directly with them to bring about positive social and economic change, transforming lives and enriching communities. Our Activities include


World Women and Children Mission works to ensure and facilitate the availability of quality educational opportunity to every child everywhere. We provide support, assistance and sponsorship to underprivileged and marginalized individual children in their education.


The organization in partnership with children, families, communities and governments work to ensure protection of children from exploitation, and trafficking for domestic servitude and labor.

WOMEN AND GIRLS EMPOWERMENTthe organization empowers women and girls to help them lift themselves out of poverty. We provide vocation and job training, provision of resources for enterprise development and livelihood.we also provide micro-finance services to women and girls in rural communities to assist them in creating sustainable income from small business

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT : WWCM work to promote community development. We provide rural and deprived communities with basic social facilities including the establishment of schools, provision of safe drinking water, and sanitation system.



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