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Mission Statement

Bridges to Community, Inc. is a non-profit cultural exchange organization that takes volunteers to developing countries to work, learn, and reflect. Through the process of living and working with local communities on construction, health and environmental projects, Bridges promotes cross-cultural learning, a deepening awareness of our global interdependence and a commitment to the common good.


In 1992 Bridges to Community began its work with a series of trips to Nicaragua - the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Historically, Nicaragua has been battered by natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, and exploited by internal and external political and economic influences.

As a result, human suffering and struggle are visible everywhere. Almost 50% of the population lives in poverty. Yet from day one, our staff and volunteers have encountered in the Nicaraguan people a spirit of hospitality and hope. Time and time again, our Nicaraguan neighbors have inspired us with their hard work and commitment to community life. Thus from its inception, Bridges has committed itself to supporting this kind of spirit - with friendship, resources and a willingness to work side by side with local communities.

In fifteen years Bridges has organized hundreds of trips traveling with almost 3000 volunteers to Nicaragua and Kenya. In Nicaragua (which has been and continues to be the focus of our work), all of our projects are identified by in-country staff and given shape by local community leaders. These projects are ongoing throughout the year, and receive an additional boost when volunteer groups step in to work on projects alongside the local community.

We have been privileged to work with women and men, young and old, from varied religions and belief systems. Our commitment is to inclusion and thus participants come from all walks of life including students, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, business people, clergy and more.

In addition to trips for the general public, we organize and lead a number of trips each year for universities and colleges, medical schools, religious groups and businesses. Whether the goal happens to be an alternative spring break for a college, a revitalized mission program for a church, or teambuilding for a corporation or business, we can promise you a challenging and rewarding adventure.



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