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Mission Statement

The species richness of Earth is astonishing. Unfortunately, human activity threatens to extinguish many remarkable creatures. The Center for Animals Near Biological Extinction (CANBE) is a non-profit organization that conducts scientific research to develop assisted reproductive technologies useful for the prevention of species extinction. CANBE protects, whenever possible, Earth’s genetic heritage. We share our progress worldwide.


There is no argument among reasonable people that Earth has undergone extreme manmade changes over the last hundred years. Some are worried that human life will be endangered. Such a threat is needless to motivate us to action: the scientists at the Center for Animals Near Biological Extinction (CANBE). To us, each type of creature is an incredible art form crafted by nature; and, the improbability of such a creature, which is determined by its genetic sequence, is astoundingly remarkable. What can you do to slow down or stop the loss of at least some of these amazing life forms?

Incredible advances in reproductive technologies occurred over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, these technologies are useful only for domestic animals and humans, and are currently useless for most other species. What needs to be done is to adapt technologies for use on a wider range of species. Also, the methods for storing the genetic information as sperm, eggs and embryos need to be advanced. Then, quickly, these technologies need to be scaled up and implemented. With your help, these are achievable goals.

CANBE is adapting technologies from domestic species and human reproduction for use on a wide range of species. We focuses on making each type of technology universally applicable, reducing the need for expensive, repetitive research. CANBE is developing effective methods for frozen-storage of genetic variation in the form of sperm, and whenever possible, embryos. We will be quick to scale up technologies and implement them.

The founding director of CANBE, Dr. Charles Herr, has more than twenty years of experience developing cutting edge reproductive technologies now in use on domestic species. These skills are powerfully useful for up-scaling technologies for global impact.



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