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Mission Statement

Global Playground promotes the education of children in developing countries by raising awareness, sharing resources, and funding the construction of educational infrastructure, such as schools. Currently, there are over 2 billion school-age children in our world. Over 1.75 billion, or 86%, live in less-developed regions. By the year 2050, that number will increase to over 90%. Sadly, underdeveloped countries do not have the educational resources necessary to support their large school-age populations. Educational attainment and enrollment in primary grades is consistently lower in these regions of the world. At the beginning of this century, nearly 115 million children old enough to attend primary school did not; nearly 94% of these children live in developing countries, predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia. Low levels of educational enrollment produces high levels of illiteracy. In 2000, roughly 1% of the adult population of the first world was illiterate; for the third world, however, this figure soared to 26%. A culture of illiteracy yields generation after generation of children who cannot read or write. To the degree that underdeveloped countries lack the educational resources they need, Global Playground aims to provide them by funding projects that increase access to, and quality of, education in these regions. The Global Playground is coming to children everywhere.


Global Playground raises money to fund the development of educational infrastructure, such as schools, playgrounds, and libraries, in developing countries. For example, Global Playground is currently funding the construction of a school in Buwasa, Uganda. Once established, the infrastructure provides a launching point for Global Playground's various education-related programs. These programs are designed to, among other things, promote cross-cultural understanding, enrich the learning experiences of children, and address the challenges that children in developing countries face when pursuing educational opportunities.



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