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Mission Statement

The Nehemiah Project Community Connection seeks to re-educate and empower the underserved populations of Central Florida and surrounding areas by connecting them with educational and life-transforming tools and resources.


The NEHEMIAH Project Community Connection (NPCC) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the revitalization and stabilization of core values and ethics within the community. Our vision is to become the catalyst through which people-stones that were once cast away become the cornerstones and difference makers where they live and work, and beyond.

Birthed from the passion and calling of Minister Darrell Adkins, the NEHEMIAH Project Community Development Corporation (NPCDC) was established in 2001. For years Mr. Adkins’ construction company has served as a catalyst through which young men have acquired the skills and virtues necessary to become productive members of society. His personal victory in overcoming destitution and despair further led to his direct interactions with troubled families and homeless veterans. These life to life encounters over the years inspired Minister Adkins to create the NPCDC with the intent of providing a channel of life-affirming and life-changing skills and resources delivered in such a way that they would promote far reaching productivity in the community.

After years of providing mobile outreach services, the NEHEMIAH Project Community Development Corporation has established its roots in Downtown Orlando and is creating an exciting community hub known as the NEHEMIAH Project Community Connection (NPCC). Located near the site for the new Major League Soccer stadium, NPCC positions itself as a significant contributor to the ongoing revitalization efforts of the city. Excitement continues to build around the spaciously charming 16,765 square foot warehouse that is being converted into a state-of-the-art, multi-use connection center that will house a number of cultural and educational programs and services designed to reeducate its clients, connect them to relevant and effective resources and empower them to rebuild their lives and communities.

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