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PO Box 697San Jose, CA 95106 United States

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To provide protection for those who, by no fault or choice of their own cannot help themselves, and depend on humans for their care. To ensure the highest quality of life for our companion birds. To educate the bird owning public on the most current diet, health and general care information.


We take in parrot type birds that have been sick, injured abused or neglected, rehabilitate them and place them up for adoption


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by Sheldoon S. (June 8, 2022)
the birds are very beautiful and intelligent, you not only help them, the birds also help you, mentally.
by Mary C. from Livermore, CA (May 19, 2009)
If you've ever been interested or curious about companion birds, Mickaboo (and Micka-coo) is the place to go. A great group of volunteers with heart, these are folks trying every day to help rescue all kinds of companion birds. Everything from the smallest parakeet to the largest macaws need homes, and safe places, and people to care for them, much like so many other animal rescues out there. Birds do not belong in cages, but end up there anyway; if you are looking to help out, or for a companion bird of your own, try the rescue/foster/adoption route ... you'll never be sorry to let these feathered charmers into your hearts. Mickaboo folks are from every walk of life; they teach classes on basic and advanced bird care (free!) and do everything they can to promote the well being of their charges. Give them a try ...
by Michelle Y. from San Jose, CA (May 18, 2009)
This is a very focused group -- focused on taking care of pet birds. Virtually all of its financial resources are used to pay the vet bills for the sick, injured, neglected, or absued birds that Mickaboo takes in. Because of the sizeable geographic area served -- the nine-county San Francisco Bay area and the Sacramento Valley -- volunteers must sometimes drive significant distances to get birds to vets or safe new homes. The generosity, unselfish dedication, and kindness of the volunteers means that hundreds of birds are placed in a safe environment every year, protected from further harm. There are no paid employees, so each of us knows that our work for Mickaboo is essential to the group's success.
by Elizabeth Y. from SF, CA (May 18, 2009)
I've been a Mickaboo (and now MickaCoo) volunteer for almost two years and I'm still amazed on a daily basis by how incredible this organization is and how much it accomplishes. There's no building, no meetings, no memos- just people working together all throughout Northern California to help care for unwanted, neglected and abused companion birds. Every day e-mails go out identifying things that need to get done and every day, someone, somewhere jumps in and says, "I'll take care of it" and does! I LOVE Mickaboo and, if you're at all interested in companion birds (parrots- from lovebirds to macaws, finches, canaries, pigeons and doves), I strongly encourage you to volunteer with Mickaboo. You can do a lot or a little on your own schedule and in your own community. It's easy and you'll learn a ton and make cool friends and help birds.

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