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Mission Statement

Children stay in multiage groups, we propose various missions to do with them, depending of their age.

0-2 years old: The mission is to spend time with them, feed them, play with them, teach them new things (songs, colors,...)

3-5 years old: The mission is to teach them the colors, the shapes, the numbers, the letters, the sizes, the animals, the world... and to give them some sport classes, to read them stories,...

6-15 years old: The mission is to help the students to do their homework, to speak English, to give them more self-confidence and to do activities with them.

16-18 years old: The mission is the same thn for the 6-15 years old but they are older, and the objective is to hel them to go to the university !

There are also some disabled children who need a lot of attention. The mission with them would be to help them to move, to use their body, to learn new things...

If you want to create your own project for the children (for example you can organize some events, a travel with the teenagers, some cultural excursions...) we would be glad to help you!


Hoa Mẫu Đơn means peony in vietnamese.

Ms Phạm Thien Don engages attentively her work. She has been working silently but absolutely meaningfully to reach this point.

After 12 years living a religious life, she really desired to help dropped children. As a result, she began working as a rubbish picker so she integrated the underpriviledged people's life. Gradually she realized that few children who were left by their parents or homeless went roaming for earning livelihood. Especially the biggest disadvantage is that they did not have a formal education as the children with the same age did. She started by gathering some roaming children to teach them in the park, provided them basic needs, e.g food and accomodation. For nearly 14 years (1998-2011) she, together with children, had been struggling for survival and development. After that she got an official housing certificate.

In 2014, we decided to make some changes in the organisation of the orphanage. The target is to base it on the Montessori Method of education.



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