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Mission Statement

In a country where economic prosperity is not equitable for all its citizens, we at GAMAE International realize the importance of fostering our Garifuna community development with projects focused on the elimination of identified infra-structural deficits that impede the economic growth of the Garifuna children, youth and young adults. GAMAE, which stands for Garifuna Arts, Medicine, Agriculture and Education have established these four disciplines as a means for capacity building to create alliances with other leading academic institutions, global agencies and volunteers and to address the challenges facing the Garifuna communities in the United States and in Central America. We have also developed a model that can be duplicated and utilized to assist other Indigenous communities. We created a community model with four disciplines that we have identified as integral to achieving economic prosperity within a vulnerable community. These four disciplines provide a systematic approach to economic development to strengthen the Garifuna community and achieve development goals with international consensus.


Our organization GAMAE International works with the Native and Indigenous Garifuna communities to address issues that are of concern to us, and to advance the well-being of families and particularly to empower the Garifuna children, youth and young adults. Our Habinaha Garinagu Garifuna Language Preservation Program was established in 2005. The primary focus of the Language Preservation Program is in keeping with the UNESCO Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to teach and train the younger generation the Garifuna language, and also the development books, CDs, curriculum and other material for youth that will help them to learn their Native Garifuna language. In language revitalization our goal in GAMAE is geared towards "producing speakers, to" where fluency in the Indigenous Garifuna language is a major aim. The materials have been created in the unknown Garifuna language which is still spoken mostly by the older generation Garifuna people in the Garifuna communities Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize and in Garifuna communities in New York, California, Atlanta, Texas and Detroit. The primary goal of our Language Preservation Program is to promote, protect and preserve the Garifuna history, heritage, culture and language through the performing arts.



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