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Mission Statement

My Quiet Cave is a mental health organization headquartered in the Denver Metroplex, committed to filling the gap that exists between the church and the world of mental health. We began work in Denver in 2012 after seeing the lack of mental health awareness, training, and support in local church congregations and the community at large. Being personally familiar with bipolar disorder, we specialize in supporting those affected by major depressive disorders such as bipolar disorder and clinical depression.

Within the last few years, mental health has become a more pressing and recognized issue. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 4 families will have a family member actively struggling with a mental disorder this year.


Often, people with mental disorders are stigmatized because of perceived danger and ignorance. This is why My Quiet Cave exists: people with mental disorders need support, those around them need information, and the Church needs to be equipped. We provide support in 4 primary ways:

Mentoring : People afflicted with a mental disorder often feel isolated and alone. In the throes of mental disorder, it is remarkably beneficial to know someone who has been through the struggle, but has found stability and abundant life. Someone with similar wounds will understand the pain, but someone with scars will also understand the path of healing. To help others heal, My Quiet Cave trains leaders to facilitate groups to help others along the journey.

Educating : The community at large does not understand or know what to do with mental disorder. As people who have experienced mental disorder, we host workshops and educational series at local churches to educate people about the truths of mental disorder. We teach people coping skills to manage their mental disorder, and give friends or family members the skills to be supportive.

Resourcing : Churches and individuals understand they need resources. Often, though, they do not know what resources are available or what resources they have at their disposal. We bridge that gap by meeting with psychiatrists, therapists, addiction centers, churches, and other support resources. By knowing what resources are available for which people, we are able to recommend resources for specific individuals to increase their opportunity to find stability.

Modeling : Mental disorders are often treated as a life sentence. People with a mental disorder are perceived as never amounting to anything but a burden. At My Quiet Cave , we are a group of people who have mental disorders, but who have also learned to live fulfilling and productive lives. We share our experiences with mental disorder so that others know that they are not alone; people with mental disorders can live productive lives. There is hope. By living our experience with mental disorder "out loud," others with mental disorder can share our hope, and with it weather the struggles of mental disorder.



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