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Mission Statement

AIDSfreeAFRICA is a community of professionals dedicated to empower Africans to be come self-sufficient in producing pharmaceuticals.

Our "vision" is Africafree of HIV/AIDS. Providing the world with the capacity to produce lifesaving drugs is an expression of our commitment to peace, health and human dignity.


Experts agree that improving African's health is a crucial precondition to improving the local economies and lifting people out of poverty. Traditional models of "charity" do not suffice for a crisis of this scope. Recent economic decline in developed countries demands an intervention model that is self-sustainable and replicable

Today people generally consider food, shelter and education basic human rights. AIDSfreeAFRICA adds to this list: access to essential generic drugs. This is critically important since each day more than 8,000 Africans die from treatable diseases due to the lack of drugs. This tragedy cannot be resolved by simply shipping drugs intoAfrica. Rather, because of the cost associated with transport, import taxes and duties, and the difficulties in moving goods across African borders, it is essential that developing countries have their own local pharmaceutical production facilities.

Dr. Hodel believes that pharmaceutical production facilities inAfricacan significantly lower incidence of serious disease there. To achieve this goal AIDSfreeAFRICA conducts needs assessments that also map out local resources. Supported by AIDSfreeAFRICA, Africans build local facilities capable of packaging bulk drugs such as malaria drugs, analgesics, antifungals and antibiotics. Trained pharmacists and technicians will then package and distribute these drugs to get them to doctors and hospital pharmacies where these drugs will be available to the patients who need them. A healthy population is needed to take advantage ofAfrica's natural resources and latent wealth to lift the continent out of poverty.


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by Elise W. (2015-03-17 12:43:44.0)
AidsfreeAfrica was a great volunteer experience. I helped put together a Malaria Free Zone poster. They gave clear directions and were very responsive to emails and in asking for edits. I would certainly work with them again.