• Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring/Garland Counties, AR Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring/Garland Counties, AR


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Mission Statement

Allegations of animal cruelty will be investigated and presented to the Prosecuting Attorney for criminal filing. Promote spaying and neutereing to prevent the over animal population. To foster animals that are owner surrendered in lieu of prosecution, or are sized by law enforcement. To toally Vet these animals and to find them forever homes. To work with the kill shelter in Malvern, AR and to find the animals at this shelter forever homes. To use all moneys for the care of the animals and the futherment of the organization.


Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring/Garland Counties was founded in August of 2008. It's founders were deeply concerned about the welfare of the animals in Hot Spring and Garland Counties and lack of their owners education in regards to the proper care of animals. Stop Animal Cruelty investigates cases of neglect and abuse, we try to educate and help the owners of these animals. if that is not possible, we turn the case over to the county Sheriff's Dept. We have been instrumental in shutting down a 175 dog puppy mill, a 40 dog puppy mill, rescuing 24 race horses and rehoming them. We have been involved with several hoarder cases and made arrangments for these animals to go to breed rescues. We have worked closely with the kill shelter in Malvern, AR for the past three years and in the past two and one half years we have not lost an adoptable animals from that shelter. We have sent many dogs to their forever homes in other states and arranged transport for these dogs. We have also sent many dogs to other no kill rescues who vet and rehome them. We hold many fundraisers to obtain the money to care for these animals. At any one time we have over 50 animals in foster care waiting for their forever homes. We have a very active face book page Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring County (Arkansas)

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