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Mission Statement

The foundation of our program is education. Without education on spay/neuter, breed specific legislation (BSL), training, breed specific workshops, the dog fighting culture and responsible ownership, the epidemic will never end. Rescue is a mere bandage in the overall scale of the canine epidemic. Shelters are overrun, rescues are overflowing and society is in need of education. For every one spot we fill in our program, we turn away 50. We average 20-25 canines at any given time and 90% of our rescue population is comprised of the American Pit Bull Terrier. We work with canines from any and every background, whether it be a surrendered family pet, bait dog, seasoned fighter or the abused. We are a no-kill rescue/rehabilitation in that we will never euthanize for space. We, as a moral, ethical and objective organization, will NOT adopt out a canine that is a threat to society. We are advocates of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as such we will not add to the epidemic by being irresponsible.


Detroit Bully Corps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. We rescue and rehabilitate the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds. Taking the fight to the streets and media. Changing the opinion of the breed through public outreach & education. We are NOT a fast-lane organization. Our true dedication is to the canines we protect. We are dedicated to taking care of the canines in the metro Detroit area. Countering the closed-minded and well-edited media clips we all see on the evening news. We like to deliver the WHOLE story, expose the real monsters: humans fighting, neglecting and abusing dogs. The amount of abuse and torture this breed endures, only to lick you in the face...

We at Detroit Bully Corps are not just trying to rehabilitate individual canines. We are also trying to do our part to rehabilitate the overall integrity of the American Pit Bull Terrier strain of canine. Our ultimate goal is to see the American Pit Bull Terrier rise above the negative stigma and once again be the "All American Dog"...

We offer workshops on proper rescue and rehabilitation. We plan to network, share experiences and strengthen spay/neuter programs. We offer youth-based workshops and education. We are very involved in BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) education and solutions. We offer training workshops for private owners and rescue groups. We offer Bully Breed education (history, purpose and ownership).



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