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Mission Statement

Bring focus upon and heighten awareness to the needs of past and present United States service men and women, their families, and other needy Americans in providing programs and services of assistance, entertainment, and counseling by enlisting the public's aid.


AVET Project, is a 501 (c)(3) "all volunteer" nonprofit organization, operates 7 core programs and services and a host of ancillary outreach endeavors of assistance directed at past & present military members and their families.

Recognizing that our brave men and women of the Armed Forces endure much hardship during these times of multiple deployments - which have become common place among our troops - AVET Project offers Empowerment Equipment Boxes (enhanced care packages) for deployed troops while they’re in combat zones. When they return home, AVET Project’s PR&R (Project Recuperation & Reintegration) helps meet their needs of reintegrating back into civilian life through our 3 day/2 night retreat program where they learn about potential VA benefits; education; career choices; and counseling on the effects of PTSD and TBI which have become the "signature wounds" of the current conflicts. AVET Project is seeking a home where the organization can hold more frequent PR&R’s for our military family. It’s important for them to feel safe and relaxed during the PR&R retreat.

Garren Cone, president of AVET Project, remarked "AVET Project seeks to honor all those who have served in the military of our great Country and we encourage everyone to show their support of the troops by getting involved in organizations like ours by donating time and money".

Don't forget the Military Kids, they serve too. AVET Project helps with a number of military family events like; family of deploy dinners, events, Toys 4 Military Kids, Kids event at Battle of the Branches and more.

Our military family Appreciates any $ funds $, gift cards, movie, zoo, gas, food, hotels, etc.... We can’t do this Alone but TOGETHER we can help/do More.

With your support, AVET Project programs and services will forever better the lives of our military heroes and their families, and for that we are truly appreciative.

Remember to thank a Veteran. If it wasn’t for our past & present military we would not live in the Land of the FREE and Freedom is not FREE.



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