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Mission Statement

Inspired by two successful programs in the UK and Kenya, Future First USA was founded in 2013 with the mission of raising career expectations for students in public high school communities by harnessing the power of engaged alumni networks. Through alumni engagement, students, teachers and schools will gain a powerful strategic tool to improve student outcomes by better preparing students for college and their careers.


Future First USA helps public schools mobilize their alumni to inspire and assist current students in meaningful ways. As volunteer mentors, advocates, and role models, alumni provide practical career advice for the 21st century, foster positive relationships, and strengthen school pride and connectedness - all proven to be key for academic and social success.

High school is America’s last universal mechanism to prepare young adults for colleges and careers yet 25% of students do not graduate from high school. Furthermore after high school, one in seven youths between 16 and 24 remains disconnected from school and work. 30% of graduates who do go on to further education- colleges, certificate programs, or the military- enter needing some academic remediation.

Future First USA provides high schools with the curriculum and tools needed to engage their alumni in helping students’ college and career readiness; improve teacher networks, knowledge and resources; and fund school projects and scholarships.

Our college events will provide students with relatable advice on how, why and which post-secondary programs worked for them - knowledge and strategies students can apply to their college selection and application process.

Our career awareness events will show students the career path of recent graduates, providing knowledge that can inspire and guide students’ career ambitions and strategies.

Our teacher events will give educators insight on the norms and practices of today’s workplace, gain access to ongoing partnerships, and become better equipped to help students graduate college and be career ready.

The benefits are numerous for students, as well as for alumni, educators, employers, and entire communities. The need is clear. As we expand into public high schools right across the country we look forward to having your support to turn our vision into a reality.

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