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Mission Statement

At Codestarter we’re working to create the next generation of coders and empower them to begin building the future. We believe this starts by getting a laptop in the hands of every child who wants to learn how to code, but who can’t afford a computer. Codestarter crowdfunds laptops, and we partner with organizations that teach coding in order to reach diverse populations of children worldwide.


Our mission at Codestarter goes beyond providing laptops to kids and enabling them to learn how code. This is about long-term change for underserved children and for the tech industry that they may enter later.

We hypothesize that having their own laptop, will increase the likelihood that you will become a coder. Compared with current demographics of the tech sector, the kids we work with represent incredible diversity across gender, race, and class. Their engagement with programming creates the potential for incredible diversity later in the tech industry.

Our team, aided by our partner organizations, tracks each child who receives a laptop. Donors and the public can check in and see the long-term impact of giving laptops to kids and empowering them to code.

Through our laptop donation program and by measuring our progress, we hope to demonstrate impact in several areas. First, we aim to increase access to coding opportunities for children in first through twelfth grades who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate. Second, we intend to increase diversity in the tech industry as our students mature through post-secondary education and enter the career field. Third, we hope that this will impact the types of problems that software developers try to solve and the types of companies they build. These are incredibly far-reaching goals, and they will take time and patience to achieve.

Together we can change the lives of kids, so many of whom already express the desire to learn to code, but who simply need the tool with which to begin.



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