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Mission Statement

Songbird Multimedia and Performing Arts Foundation is a non-profit arts organization
headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our goal is to provide increased access to
performances on stage, screen and radio for students with an emphasis on at-risk youth
who may not have performance opportunities. Songbird Multimedia incorporates theater
arts to creatively enhance performances with the use of costumes, puppets,
choreography, various genres of music and singing. Our mission is to promote the
cultural enrichment and education of children and their families by introducing them to
the performing arts. We partner with the most effective programs and organizations to
achieve positive impact and demonstrated results. We believe the performing arts are
an integral part of our society and cannot be ignored. We intend to promulgate
performing arts in every way, which includes providing scholarships for deserving theater,
music and dance students in high schools and universities. We provide production
support and encouragement of live performances of every kind and character wherever
possible. We believe in the performing arts as an avenue for building community and
fostering enlightenment.
Our past projects include:
● The People Could Fly Dance Festival, a multicultural celebration of dance. The
People Could Fly Dance Festival was presented at The Charles Eisemann Center for
the Performing Arts, Dallas, Texas in partnership with the University of Texas,
● Stop The Violence Music Project- a multi-genre music album produced to raise
awareness against violence.
● When Maya Angelou Speaks, The World Listens-students presented a compilation of
Maya Angelou's poetry with music by Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Donny
Our Motto: Creating opportunities, creating experiences


The pain and heartache of several American teenagers falling prey to bullying constantly makes
headlines across the country. Countless stories of teenagers succumbing to the pain of bullying are
becoming commonplace. School bullying statistics in the United States show that about one in four
youth in the Unites States become victims of bullying on a regular basis. Between cyber-bullying and
bullying at school, the bullying statistics illustrate a huge problem with bullying and today's youth. In
addition, research shows that victims of prolonged bullying will eventually become withdrawn or
aggressive; in extreme cases, suicidal or violently retaliative. In addition, studies show that bullying
has been linked to 75% of school-shootings incidents in the United States alone1. About thirty percent of students in the United States are involved in bullying on a regular basis either as a victim, bully or both. These school bullying statistics show what a problem bullying of all kinds in the United States has become. As an organization that produces programming geared towards today's youth, we decided
it would be beneficial to utilize the powerful platform of theater to address the issue of bullying. We are proposing the Stop The Violence Theater Festival as a collaborative community effort to help educate the public on bullying issues and stimulate discussion on the subject that is affecting so many of today's youth. Our goal is to utilize the arts as a means to raise awareness about bullying and offer
solutions to this problem that is becoming an epidemic. We will collaborate with school districts and grassroots organizations to present original or published works in the festival that deal with youth and bullying. The theater project will be a vehicle in which all will become active participants in bullying
prevention and subsequently improve lines of communication between students, law enforcement, educational administrators, parents and health care professionals


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