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Mission Statement

ANIMAL VILLAGE NM is the longtime dream of the founders of the center, Nancy Berg & Sunny Aris. Our comprehensive animal-welfare facility fills a huge need for dogs and cats being killed simply because municipal facilities don’t have enough space or funding to keep them alive until committed homes are found. Animal Village NM is personally funded and operated by the co-founders with the assistance of adoption fees and donations.


We are a private 501c3 life-saving organization, have put our personal funds into this property and improvements, and located the shelter at a highly visible & accessible property on NM Hwy 54/70. We have 'stepped out in faith’ that we will receive the funding and support to save the lives of the animals that we love.

AVNM assists our adopters with K9 training and educational support to offer their adopted pets. We expect a lifetime commitment that gives dogs and cats a real place in their families' lives, and hearts. We are dedicated to this goal.

Animal Village NM offers a 7-acre nature trail and dog walk for the use of volunteers, adopters and the community.

To assist pet guardians in need, we offer the following:

• a Pet Food Bank Program. This program allows food-banks to receive free pet food for qualified recipients.

• Low-cost Spay and Neuter services for those who are unable to afford it reduces the problem of unwanted litter of puppies and kittens, and enhances pets’ health due to the many illnesses and unwanted behaviors of intact pets. This also reduces the cost to the taxpayers of animal control needed to pick up stray animals, care and feeding of these animals in animal facilities, disease costs of stray animals interacting with unsupervised pets, and euthanasia. Another 'hidden’ cost is the emotional cost to those city and county workers who must perform the euthanasia on loving pets. No one goes into the animal services arena wanting to end the lives of loving animals.

Please support our efforts to maintain our animal welfare center as a place of kindness, safety and excellent care for our beloved animal companions. We are walking our talk here, saving lives daily, with your help.



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by Rescue N. from NM (2015-11-18 19:22:52.0)
I first became enlightened about Animal Village N.M. when they story became known about the recent and awful abandonment of the 40+ Olde English Bulldogs in Dona Ana County. I then find out that the "rescue" is ready to adopt out the first of 3 litters of Olde English Bulldogs and plan to charge $900 for the senior dogs, approx $1,900 for the pups, and $2,200 for the Blue pups. If I am not mistaken, a registered Olde English Bulldog can run between $900-$2,000 retail from a breeder according to my research. Most rescues charge the same amount, what ever it is, disclosed upfront... one adoption fee amount for dogs, one for cats, etc. No breed/life is valued more or less than another. So, not only are they asking an extraordinary amount for these rescued dogs, but the price is "variable" depending on the breed and demand for the breed. I learned through their FB page that they subscribe to the views of Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, posting