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Mission Statement

To act as a regional leader for the purposes of: identifying, preserving, protecting, promoting and revitalizing historically and architecturally significant sites, structures, neighborhoods, commercial districts and landscapes for:

  • The livability of our communities
  • The education and enjoyment of our residents and visitors
  • The cultural and economic benefit of Western New York with an emphasis on Erie and Niagara Counties


Our Vision

This vision, to be developed over time, includes:

Building a Preservation Constituency - developing a large constituency for preservation and using that constituency to foster pride and investment in the historic resources found in a community (countering the negative attitude often found among residents of older cities).
Developing Professional Expertise - employing within its staff trained preservationists that have a comprehensive knowledge of their field, reinforced by volunteers who have expertise in preservation, architecture, construction and allied fields; developing productive relationships with staff of state and national preservation organizations and insights into their programs and procedures.
Providing Preservation Leadership and Advice - providing preservation leadership and coordination, serving as a resource center for historic preservation throughout a region, reinforcing homeowners, neighborhood leaders, preservation commission members, historic site organizations, merchants, village leaders and others on the productive use of historic preservation techniques.
Creating Alliances and Partnerships - productively working with a wide range of agencies and organizations whose activities impact upon historic resources, including public agencies, nonprofit and professional organizations and real estate developers.
Expanding and Sharing Knowledge of Historic Resources - working to expand the region’s inventory of historic resources, encouraging historic resource assessment as part of community planning and welcoming consultations with property developers and project planners in advance of project development.
Conducting Heritage Education Efforts - through programs, events and tours, coupled with public relations, to educate the public and students about a city’s and neighborhood architectural heritage and the benefits and opportunities of having an older city with significant historic resources.
Serving as an Advocate for Historic Resources - able to utilize its constituency, expertise, contacts, leadership and resources to engage in a full spectrum of actions to work to save historic places ranging from advice, assistance, creation of legal protections, and, when necessary, political and legal actions.
Enhancing Preservation’s Sustainable Living Advantages - The greenest building is an existing building. Tremendous energy is already embodied within our homes, buildings and public infrastructure. Our older neighborhoods are located near jobs and mass transit, offering a more sustainable lifestyle; we must work to keep vibrant our older buildings and neighborhoods.
Fostering Job Opportunities related to Preservation - provide training and support for persons in building construction (especially skilled craftsmen), architecture, home renovation, real estate development/sales and other related fields, emphasizing continuing education in emerging arenas (i.e. green standards for rehabs).
Addressing Community Needs - identifying needs, advancing potential solutions, encouraging and developing preservation initiatives, and capitalizing on new trends and opportunities as they arise.



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