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Mission Statement


As a noncommercial, educational radio facility of the University of New Mexico, the station

shall fulfill the following goals:

1. Serve the people in KUNM's listening area by providing a variety of high quality

programming that serves diverse interests, particularly programming that might not

be available on commercial radio stations, including but not limited to:

a. Providing programming, information and informed commentary including the arts, the

sciences and culture generally;

b. Presenting information and discussion of significant issues facing society, thereby

contributing to the development of an informed citizenry;

c. Conveying the diverse cultural richness of our society, and by presenting it, making

2 Regents Policy on KUNM

it known to the present generation and also preserving it for future generations;

d. Developing diverse local programming;

e. Encouraging listeners to enrich their lives through music and the arts and

encouraging new insights concerning life's experiences and the relationships

between individuals, society and our cultural milieu.

2.Comprise an integral component of the University's academic mission, including but

not limited to the following:

a. Encouragement of creative initiatives from all sectors of the university;

b. Scholarly and cultural activities such as broadcasting of lectures, recitals and other

appropriate forms of faculty, staff and student expression;

c. Opportunity for experience in public radio station programming and operations.

Maintain a high standard of quality in content, presentation and technical competence.


The station will operate as a University radio station, with management responsibility delegated

from the Board of Regents, as licensee, to the President as the chief administrative officer of the

University and to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Management, staffing and budgeting

of the radio station will be carried out through normal University administrative channels under

applicable University policies.

Volunteer participation in the operation of the radio station will be encouraged and will be

subject to volunteer policies and procedures established by station management and the radio

board and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs .


A radio board shall make recommendations to station management on programming issues and

other important station policies and practices. Because of the potential impact of major

programming changes on the academic mission of the University and on the station's

responsiveness to the community, station management must consult with the board before

making such changes, except in emergency situations. After the board has issued its

recommendations regarding programming changes, station management may either follow the

3 Regents Policy on KUNM

recommendations or may request that they be reviewed by the Vice President for Academic

Affairs, who shall make the final decision as to whether a proposed program change shall or

shall not be adopted. In making such decisions, the Vice President shall be guided by and act

consistently with the current Regents' Policy Statement on KUNM. His or her decision,

accompanied by a written explanation, shall be forwarded to the Radio Board and the station


The Board of Regents shall adopt bylaws governing the composition and duties of the board.


Answers the main phone for KUNM, directs calls or takes information requests, as needed. Greets visitors, and conducts tours of the radio station. May assist with on-air programming at the station.

The role of a docent at KUNM is three-fold. 1. They are the station's "front-line" or main human representatives. 2. They facilitate communications between the public, clients, staff and volunteers. 3. They are a safety net, ensuring that someone is on hand who can help in various KUNM departments, as needed.

Attendance of a General Orientation is recommended, whenever possible, either before or after beginning service at KUNM.

On-site training will be provided, beginning with the first volunteer shift in the reception area.

Reception area volunteers with at least six months of service at KUNM, and who can commit to an additional six months of service after training, may attend an optional broadcast class, which meets an average of 60-90 minutes, once a week, for 6 weeks.



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