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Mission Statement

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. is dedicated to promoting mental wellness, awareness, and alleviating stigmas that are associated with mental illnesses through education, outreach, and research. We strive to motivate, involve, and educate the general public about mental health in order to help those suffering from mental illnesses or its symptoms.

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc.’s mission is to restore hope among those who may be suffering from a mental illness or symptoms by encouraging them to "Learn, Accept, and Recover." As a Christian organization we believe that it is our calling to use available resources, information, research, and education to benefit the overall well-being of others. Even more, with the right amount of enthusiasm, compassion, and support, we believe that a significant difference can be achieved in the lives of others.

Our vision is to provide services, assistance, resources, and other useful information regarding mental health to those in the Middle TN community in order to increase treatment acceptance and reduce treatment resistance. The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. provides a variety of mental health services to individuals with mental health illnesses or symptoms or those who may have loved ones and seek knowledge of how to become supportive of their immediate challenges.

However, in order to accomplish such an endeavor, there must be a strong commitment and collaboration with the community in order to alleviate such disparities that are at the core of many mental health issues. A great sense of integrity, nobility, and responsibility to the community are the organization’s motivation to continue its mission to inspire those affected by such disparities to lead healthy, productive lives.


The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. was incorporated by the state of Tennessee on March 22, 2010. The organization made an addendum to the original Articles of Amendment to the Charter in order to be recognized by the state as a nonprofit public benefit organization on September 16, 2013. The "purpose" of the organization’s desire for exemption status is described in the filed Addendum to Articles of Amendment to the Charter attached.

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. was organized to educate the Middle TN community and individuals about mental health and wellness. The organization intends to conduct and distribute research, studies, analysis, publications, and information pertaining to holistic mental wellness to the community. Additionally, the organization aims to encourage consumer advocacy and treatment acceptance, civic engagement and outreach, and alleviate stigmas surrounding mental illnesses and symptoms in order to reduce treatment resistance. Publications, education, and outreach will be used to take a proactive approach toward social welfare by addressing community facilities, treatment programs, and policy issues regarding mental health care.

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. will concentrate its educational and outreach activities in Middle TN communities and individuals who seek out the organization’s resources and assistance.

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. intends to form partnerships with other mental health organizations to provide resources, treatment assistance, and preventive intervention strategies in order to reach larger portions of the general public.


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