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Mission Statement

Our mission is founded upon the 3 pillars through which Voice of Christ in Haiti has, and continues to, restored the lives of hundreds in Haiti.

1. Evangelism- Our goal is to encourage this nation to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, a choice that will inevitably grant one a better life.
2. Education- Our goal is to educate our youth and prepare them for skilled jobs that will stimulate Haiti's economy and bring them out of poverty.
3. Health- Our goal is to discover more efficient ways of delivering excellent health care and teaching community members how to sustain good health.

By implementing these 3 pillars VOCIH can help this troubled community fight deprivation and achieve economic prosperity, hand in hand with God. The traditionally practiced voodoo culture must be relinquished if the people seek a better life, and Voice of Christ in Haiti has successfully converted the faith of hundreds.


Voice of Christ in Haiti (VOCIH) is a 501(c3) non-profit organization that is working through Christ to build a better future for the people of Haiti. In a country where Christian worship is undiscovered territory and the education system is solely comprised of private institutions, VOCIH is creating opportunities for young boys and girls to alter the future and redefine values.

Founded nearly seven years ago by Haitian native Jeff Anefils, VOCIH has already established a school for elementary and middle school aged children, and currently has 400 students enrolled for the 2014-2015 school year. VOCIH has also established a church and medical team to serve the community, with Founder Jeff serving as pastor and a medically trained professional. With this trifecta of Evangelism, Education, and Health Care, we are instilling the necessary foundation and values that will bring this independent republic to its feet.

While Pastor Jeff resides in Saint Michel, Haiti, the VOCIH headquarters is staffed by his immediate family in Auburn, GA. Our focus here in the states is to spread the word and garner support within local communities through outreach. We promote ongoing projects, such as mission trips and our Sponsor a Child program, as well as host annual fundraisers and donation drives. The volunteer opportunities are endless and we are always looking for inspired individuals to show their support and get involved!



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