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Mission Statement

Bhaktivedanta Mission is a nonprofit religious organization dedicated to making the teachings of H. H. Avadhuta Sri Bhaktivedanta Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja accessible to the public. Our main activities are to publish books, maintain websites, distribute food to people in need, operate an ashram and temple in Upstate New York, and offer spiritual wisdom through satsangs, courses, workshops, and retreats. All this is possible thanks to the efforts and altruistic collaboration of volunteers and students, who offer the fruits of their labor to God through the practice of karma yoga as a means of spiritual transformation and inner development.


In a city like New York, with an excess of food, incredible amounts of food are thrown to the garbage daily due to the simple fact that their official sale date is about to expire. These products can no longer be sold, but are perfectly safe for consumption. Such food is being donated generously by restaurants, supermarkets and farms to the “Ramakrishnananda Food Rescue Program” of the Bhaktivedanta Mission. We are in charge of retrieving the food and delivering it to organizations and institutions that are dedicated to distributing food to those in need.
Approximately 1.4 million New Yorkers — most of whom are women, children, seniors, poor and disabled — rely on humanitarian aid for food. The "Ramakrishnananda Food Rescue Program" would be impossible without the help, support, and cooperation of disciples, followers and friends. Your donations make a difference in the lives of the people of New York who are in need. This is one of our mission’s most important projects. With all his heart, Prabhuji is grateful for the cooperation, enthusiasm and help of all the disciples and volunteers who are making great efforts to maintain as well as expand this important program. If you work in a supermarket, a restaurant or on a farm, and are saddened by the sight of food that is safe for consumption yet being thrown to the garbage, please contact us. Our volunteers will be on hand to quickly pick up the donation and will be sure to deliver it to those who distribute food to people in need . Below are some of the numerous letters of gratitude from institutions that receive help from the Bhaktivedanta Mission through the "Prabhuji Food Rescue Program." http://www.prabhuji.net/en/our-mission/ramakrishnananda-food-rescue-program/



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