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Mission Statement

To bring together key community stakeholders in order to achieve a community joint effort and partnership of redevelopment without displacement, affordable housing and education from the cradle to the grave


NCCF is a membership Community Development Foundation or CDF, which is governed by a National 60-member Board of Directors, elected by the members, with a 24 member Executive Community Committee, composed of officers, division leaders and other professionals. We provide resources for community development corporations; local and state non-profit agencies; faith-based institutions; community organizing and civil rights groups; minority and women-owned business associations as well as housing counselors and social service providers.

The National Coalition Community Foundation (NCCF) is America's newest, most diverse, and broadest based group working to achieve comprehensive Economic Community Development in at-risk and/or distressed areas of population. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Harold Elam Jr, NCCF is a 509(a)(2) Private Foundation with more than 80 participating organizations, representing faith based societies, minority businesses, unions, health care providers, associations of religious congregations, pension and health funds, insurers, and groups representing consumers, patients, women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. Our member organizations collectively will grow to represent over the next 7 years - as employees, members, or congregants over 100 million Americans in at-risk and/or distressed areas of population.

NCCF is a Private foundation that has funding from many sources. Our Organization is qualified under IRC 509(a)(1) to help raise and/or obtain funds for churches, hospitals, qualified medical research organizations affiliated with hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, and organizations that have an active community based program. NCCF also receives contributions from many sources, including the general public, governmental agencies, corporations, private foundations or other public charities.

Currently NCCF has in excess of 1,200 members whom have already started the conversation of growing, redevelopment and education....from the cradle to the grave. Working and funding community organizations which are directly connected to low income at-risk and/or distress areas. Utilizing a professional staff and experienced volunteers, NCCF presents the positive points of the National Urban and Inner City regions to business, industry and professional leaders who bring Funding, Housing and Jobs to at-risk and/or distress areas. NCCF's membership assumes the leadership role in developing a 7 year strategy plan for each participating community, an annual program of work designed to enhance agricultural, business, educational, industrial, private/public partnership and support efforts such as skills and technology enhancement, improved transportation and health care.



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by Jessica V. from Fayetteville, NC (2012-11-10 22:56:57.0)
The Founder Dr. Harold Elam Jr is a remarkable man and God has given him the gift and the authority to move ministry and fund Jesus Motivated plans that help leaders empower their communities