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Mission Statement

Motivated by the love of God, as a leader in Christian faith-based human services, The Salvation Army is committed to serving the whole person, body, mind and spirit, with integrity and respect, using creative solutions to positively transform lives.


Services that The Salvation Army offer within the Virgin Islands include:

Classes - The educational opportunities offered within each center range from tutoring and remedial help through GED preparation and extracurricular enrichment. You may learn advanced math, how to sew or swim, or a traditional cultural dance. Parents may take special classes to acquire or improve their parenting skills, and life skills development programs may be available to individuals of all ages.

Community Programs - Our community programs strive to uplift local communities through engagement and support. Programs range from substance abuse rehabilitation to offer renewed potential, single parent programs to address self-sufficiency, after school programs to protect at-risk youth, and more.

Arts - Music is a gift from God, and The Salvation Army shares that gift through concerts at its Corps Community Centers. Musical style of the performing groups will vary. Theater, spoken word, or other forms of artistic expression may also be presented to inspire and enrich the community. Classes to promote creativity in a variety of mediums may also be available.

Counseling - Group and individual counseling is available to assist people in improving their lives and meeting their goals. Counseling participants are evaluated to identify their specific needs, goals, and skill deficits, and then a course of progress is suggested accordingly. The goal of counseling is to enable individuals to make healthy professional and life choices.

Events - Corps Community Centers routinely host or offer special events. Such events may include special community dinners, fundraisers, dances, concerts, sporting tournaments, and more.

Facility Rental - Outside organizations may rent specific facilities or meeting rooms to host their own events or perform duties for their organization.

Family - To support the sanctity of family, The Salvation Army hosts a variety of classes, events and activities specifically designed for families to share at its Corps Community Centers. Learn a second language together, make art, or role play to improve communication skills - whatever your interests are, there are activities that you and your family can enjoy together.

Meetings - Various groups will meet within our many spaces. From drama clubs to cultural discussions to social networking groups or Christian interest circles, there is sure to be something perfect for you.

Parenting - Parenting poses many challenges, and parenting services from Corps Community Centers are designed to meet these varied needs. Our parenting programs understand that sometimes these needs conflict (i.e. - working for a good job versus spending time with your children). Given these varied issues and potential for conflict, parenting programs focus on balance and wellness in addition to parenting skills education.



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