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Mission Statement

Our mission is three fold. First, we are to use our resources to raise the spirit of those in our community most in need of a reason to smile. While their are no limitations for on who that might encompass, we tend to focus on the families of children with grave or terminal illness, families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers and military families reentering civilian life that have experienced catastrophic injuries in battle.

Second, we will through our effort imbue in all our guests of all ages the all important ethos that giving to others in need is responsibility we all share and must embrace. While we take great pride in our ability to give to others, we also wish that spirit of giving lives on long after our guests visit us and they leave with lessons they will carry with them for a lifetime. Of whom much is given, much is expected.

Finally, we want all this to be pure fun. All too often, giving is an arduous job. Fund raisers filled with silent auction items you don't want. Long board meetings filled with legalisms and stacks of paperwork. To heck with all that. No matter whether you are an employee, volunteer, guest, charity or honoree, our evenings are spent doling out healthy doses of smiles all around. If we want people to give on an on going basis, we feel the best way to do that is to make it something they enjoy doing. So far, we have not let anybody down and we do not intend to start now.



You enter a small unassuming warehouse deep within an industrial complex, 14 miles outside Gotham City. In an instant you are swept back in time to 1966 and find yourself inside the confines of the office of Millionaire Bruce Wayne. But how could this possibly be Stately Wayne Manor? I wonder why that Shakespere bust looks so familiar? Will Mr. Wayne be joining us?

All your answers will be answered in due time, but while we take a brief commercial interruption let me tell you what is really going on here (shhhhh...it's a secret!)

We have turned a 5,000 square foot facility in Central Phoenix into a loving homage to the 1966 Bat Cave, or what we now call The Colten Cowell Memorial Crime Fighting Cave. Within the many twisting hallways, you will find it all. Mr. Wayne's Study, a real Shakespeare bust that has a secret compartment, a sliding bookcase, a pair of Bat Poles, most every device found in the original show, a Bat Cycle, The Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service Van and yes, of course, a 1966 Batmobile.

Guests to our facility are treated to a two hour tour where they see not just the Cave, but can touch everything inside. All younger guests are given rides in the Batmobile and at the end of the evening we dole out checks to multiple charities that have been real supheroes to our nominated family.

Oh, and the nominated child...he or she is given a key that actually starts the Batmobile and a promise that when they turn 16, they may return and instead of their parents driving them in the car, they get to drive their parents. We call it our Spirit of Batman Award.

Yes, I am serious...




Note: We are in the process of transforming from our old entity "Gotham City Motors" to the new Colten Cowell Foundation. Colten was the first child we lost and it is only fitting what we do be named in his honor.



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