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Mission Statement

The Campaign for Drawing aims to get everyone drawing by breaking down barriers and helping people of all ages enjoy its benefits. We champion drawing as a powerful tool for invention, communicating complex concepts, and for increasing social and cultural engagement. Our work widens understanding of what 'drawing' can mean, and by increasing awareness and engagement many more people will be able to benefit from, and contribute to society, through drawing.

  • We believe in 'drawing to learn’ - not just 'learning to draw’.

  • We want to be an effective Campaign for Visual Literacy focusing on the absolute need for drawing, and the people that drawing can help.


The Campaign for Drawing is a national arts education charity which champions 'drawing’ (in its widest definition) and works to promote the importance of 'visual literacy' with children and young people. Our flagship is the annual nationwide (and international) Big Draw festival which takes place every October.

Since 2000 over three million people have participated in The Big Draw.

For context, one of our main aims as a national charity is to widen perceptions of what 'drawing' ('visual literacy') means. 'Drawing' is an essential tool for conceptualisation and communication in a world increasingly dominated by visual imagery.

We believe the visual arts, including drawing, help young people gain skills to contribute to a workforce and economy increasingly driven by the creative industries. As you know, 'drawing' is not just a tool for illustrators, cartoonists, painters etc. It is also now a vital skill for many careers in the Creative Industries, eg architecture, gaming, 3D modelling, animation, software design, fashion etc etc.

We also recognise that not everyone’s 'first language’ is written/spoken literacy and that 'Making marks with meaning’ can help people express emotions and creativity through non-verbal means.


- Watch our video "Why is Drawing Important?" featuring patron Andrew Marr

- See our new BIG DRAW WEBSITE!

- See our The Campaign for Drawing website for everything else!



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