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Mission Statement

Lifeschool's mission is to empower teens from all backgrounds with life skills and environmental ethics through wilderness travel, cultural tours and service projects.


To accomplish our purpose and mission, Lifeschool’s Go Adventure program has implemented some core values to ensure that every participant who attends receives a well-rounded experience.

1) Risk Management: Lifeschool facilitates a positive learning environment by managing the physical and emotional well-being of our participants while adapting to the changes that can occur in wilderness and urban settings. Imparting the skills to lessen the risks involved in outdoor travel while benefiting from the educational opportunities presented is a fundamental part of the experience.

2) Fun & Adventure: Teens have busy academic, athletic and extra-curricular schedules and often lack adequate time to decompress. Additionally, our modern culture is inundated with technology, media distractions and social image pressures. Lifeschool was founded in part to provide the space teens need to reconnect with the things that are truly important in life: nature, family, friends and personal aspirations.

3) Environmental Stewardship: Lifeschool embraces Leave No Trace wilderness ethics and works to educate future generations to think about their impact, and simply do less harm. We have no political motives or concealed agenda - we are simply an environmentally considerate program that works to ensure that future generations can experience and benefit from the pristine wilderness experiences that define our program.

4) Empowering / Skill Building: Lifeschool empowers youth with useful life skills by providing the opportunity to lead, solve problems, reflect, make decisions and work as a team. We encourage personal challenge, building and creating ideas, collaboration, resourcefulness and resiliency. We actively support teens in translating their experiences 'on-trail’ to life back at home and school.

5) Nutrition: Poor diet and unhealthy nutritional habits are epidemic in American culture. Over 9 million American children are obese and at risk of developing type II diabetes. Recent numbers from the CDC support that as many as one in four kids in America are at risk of serious health concerns later in life due to poor dietary habits. In response, nutrition education has become a focus for our programs and 90% of the menu is organic, local and all natural. Conscientious nutrition not only promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind but contributes to our risk management.



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