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Mission Statement

BIG FUN Education innovates online, focusing on student motivation, literacy, and measurable results. We cultivate sociable learning experiences using social media and digital tools.


BIG FUN Education is a project-based nonprofit.

READING WITHOUT BORDERS is our latest project. We are recruiting volunteers to read with K-12 students for 20 mintues a week in a Google Hangout On Air. You can volunteer without leaving your desk! Each reading session produces a YouTube that students can show their parents and teachers can review. We are encouraging reading across the curriculum with adults who are passionate about topics such as Economics, Art, Science, Engineering, Health, Technology, and Mathematics.

BIG FUN Education created a motivational learning community for Connecticut called BIG SKILLS, that was used by 70,000 students in grades 3-8 and reliably raised scores on the CT Mastery Tests.

A project called MACBETH GOES SOCIAL recently united 250 students in 6 countries, via Google Plus, in a social learning project centered around a digital radio play adaptation of Macbeth created by BIG FUN Education. This work resulted in over 40 YouTubes that we gathered in a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfDezy4NAbiZC_ZHe_7-PkewVAm6nJchS

We are hoping to create 12 digital radio plays that make classic plays and poems suggested by the Common Core State Standards into rich experiences for K-12.

The first digital radio we created was an adaptation of a Spanish classic play called LIFE IS A DREAM. NBC did a newstory about our work in New Britain, CT, in a bilingual Title I school: http://goo.gl/49cJK

Hangout Theater is a project that allows us to show students how we make our digital radio plays. We cast our plays on Google Plus and then do a recording in a Hangout On Air with a live audience. Later, we edit the video into a MAKING OF and the soundtrack is used in our BIG Plays product line.

Two digital radio plays are currently being produced for K-3. One is called WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND? and stars Ann Nyberg from WTNH as Newsy Suzy and Brad Drazen from CNBC as DanDan the Weatherman. The other play has a British cast that includes Tom Barker who was in Doctor Who and The Calendar Grils. It is being recorded in Hangout Theater later this year and is called THE OWL, THE PUSSYCAT, and THE POETIC DETECTIVES.



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Average Review 6 reviews

Would you recommend BIG FUN Education?

by Todd L. (2014-07-24 05:51:56.0)
Critical Thinking Skills and... the ability to bring together both the current as well as next generation into a collaborative experience of sharing an Interpretive Lens based on differing cultures on perhaps the greatest author ever is a GREAT GIFT to all of mankind. From the Macbeth Goes Social series to the Reading Without Borders (RWD) project, Big Fun Education exemplifies this in their efforts; Bridging gaps and breaking down the barriers between generations, physical locations, experiences,and understanding of both old and new "disruptive technologies" in a recipe that is truly successful and Beneficial to all.
by Alexandra R. (2014-07-18 17:01:03.0)
As an educator I cannot express how much I admire what BIG FUN Education has done and is trying to further accomplish. It's an amazing nonprofit run by Annabelle Howard, an incredible woman, that is really trying to make education fun for students again. Don't worry though, it's not just all fun and games. All of BIG FUN's initiatives have clear goals and expectations, and they make sure to incorporate teachers as much as possible to make every educational experience a fun and cohesive one. Through BIG FUN's efforts I've seen student faces light up, I've seen creativity I miss in my own students, and I've seen moments of learning and thinking in action. Every student, teacher, and classroom could benefit from what BIG FUN offers. Let's make it happen!
by Danae S. (2014-07-18 07:43:24.0)
For fifth graders in rural Maine studying Shakespeare, I needed to make the experience hands on. MacBeth Goes Social was a perfect way to introduce heavy material in a practical and fun way. There were connections with other students around the world, the MacBeth play via an adapted radio play where all students (and families) could participate in the reading and vocabulary of MacBeth. Big Fun Education organized the events and materials so teachers could view and practice with students. The hangouts with other classes were also helpful in connecting Shakespeare to real live situations and extremely hands on. This organization allowed me to foster a creative hands on approach in teaching Shakespeare and narrative standards. Beyond the standards, it was extremely engaging and motivating for my students to be a part of this social learning experience. I would highly recommend Big Fun Education programs to anyone who is interested in creating a global learning environment!
by Ann Y. (2014-07-18 05:38:40.0)
BIG FUN Education is run by dedicated, hard-working people who have been innovating for 30 years and can be trusted to deliver quality experiences to K-12. I especially like the new initiative, READING WITHOUT BORDERS because reading is almost becoming a dying art. There is not enough reading for fun and this program makes reading both serious and social.
by Azlin B. (2014-07-17 04:42:34.0)
Big Fun Education does amazing work on Google+, from the Macbeth Goes Social series to the Reading Without Borders (RWB) campaign which has just started. The current RWB is an initiative to promote 1-1 reading with kids anywhere in the world via Google+ Hangouts on Air. I am extremely excited to see the positive change that BFE brings to kids from all walks of life and hope that it goes beyond its expectations in promoting education. To do this, it needs volunteers and funding, so let's all help BFE make a difference.