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Mission Statement

Omni Nano develops, produces, and distributes Nanotechnology educational curricula for high schools and colleges to better prepare students for their professional careers in the globalized, high-tech economy of the 21st century.


We are a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization devoted to nanotechnology education. Our curriculum is designed for high school and college students and focuses on the practical applications of nanotechnology to promote professional development and STEM career opportunities.

Omni Nano began as a result of the Founder’s passions for both education/teaching and nanotechnology, and has already made headway in creating a solid nanotechnology curriculum that will benefit millions of students across the country. More info available at www.omninano.org

What are our goals?
Omni Nano has three main goals:

  1. Disseminating nanotechnology education: Our three projects aim at creating and disseminating educational material in nanotechnology. Our high-quality, student-centered, and interactive educational materials are designed for high school students and college undergraduates - both in-classroom and online - and are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  2. Contributing to lowering the cost of education: As a charitable organization, Omni Nano has a duty to focus on its mission instead of financial profits. Our curriculum is created to be affordable without sacrificing quality. Omni Nano is reducing production cost of materials by relying primarily on electronic distribution channels.
  3. Becoming a sustainable organization: Omni Nano plans to become financially sustainable by charging a nominal fee for its nanotechnology curriculum. Generated revenues will be re-invested into the project and utilized to self-support our developmental activities.


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