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Mission Statement

Every day in rural villages and communities in third world countries, millions of people suffer from a lack of access to clean water. Drinking unsafe water can cause illnesses and potentially cause death. In addition, the time it takes to walk to find water makes the situation even more difficult. Women and children spend hours a day walking miles to find water for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing clothes. The time wasted searching for water leaves individuals unable to work or go to school and essentially robs entire villages of hope and a future. Hydromissions is a support ministry who’s goal is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing safe drinking water for those in need through low-tech and/or technologically appropriate products and services.


Hydromissions utilizes low-technologies involving water drilling, treatment, waste management, sanitation, hygiene and other water related needs. We use products that can be reproduced or repaired in the country you serve. We avoid complicated engines that may break down. We use equipment that the local people can easily learn to use and maintain for themselves. In addition, we use portable equipment, allowing you to expand your water ministry into new areas that would be difficult to reach by other methods. When needed, Hydromissions can send trained consultants into the field to work with your team and help you get started on the right track.

Our Services

  • Utilize low-cost, low-tech water drilling systems, well pumps, filters, and other water treatment products for use in third-world water ministries
  • Short-term water missions projects
  • Water ministry consultation, training, development and support
  • Links to other water ministries worldwide



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