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Mission Statement

21st Century Parks serves as stewards entrusted to create and preserve unexcelled parklands that reflect the needs and values of our whole community. The goal of The Parklands of Floyds Fork is to build a world- class, systemic addition to Louisville’s park system; if done right, the outcome is the creation of the finest urban edge in the country.

Core Values

  • A passion for Louisville and its parks
  • A respect for people and nature
  • Public access
  • Inclusiveness
  • A new suburban landscape
  • Accountable management


The Parklands is a systemic, world-class addition to Louisville’s parks system that includes four major parks linked by a park drive, a first-rate urban trail system, and a remarkable water trail, all tracing Floyds Fork, a classic Kentucky stream. This public/private project is unique in the region and unlike anything currently in development across the country--truly a city-shaping model.

The master plan for The Parklands includes:

  • 100 miles of new trails for hiking, biking, and more
  • 19 miles of canoe trail along Floyds Fork Creek
  • Children’s playgrounds, walking paths, and bark parks
  • Numerous facilities for family picnics and community events
  • Accessible fishing holes, canoe launches, recreational fields, and much more
The Parklands will preserve and enhance nearly 80 percent of the land for natural landscape, which will result in environmental benefits including improved air and water quality and increased wildlife habitat. 21st Century Parks is establishing The Parklands as a powerful educational resource to encourage hands-on learning for our region’s school children, while simultaneously inspiring opportunities for adults and families.
The addition of these beautiful parks and trails will enhance the quality of life and help our community and economy grow in ways that are healthful, sustainable, and enjoyable. Reflecting Louisville’s remarkable reputation as a great place to live, this project will become a powerful vehicle for attracting and retaining individuals, families, and employers, contributing to a vibrant future for our community and our children.


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