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Mission Statement

Alpha Delta Theta - Phi Theta Kappa is dedicated to providing leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service opportunities for its members. We are also dedicated to serving our college, our community and beyond to wherever our services are needed.


Support your local Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, Alpha Delta Theta.

Phi Theta Kappa is the honor society for 2-year college students. Its purpose is to not only reward academic excellence, but to foster growth and provide fellowship among its members. Alpha Delta Theta, the Downtown Jefferson CTC Chapter, is dedicated to providing service, leadership, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities for its members; the four hallmarks for its members; the four hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa. We are also dedicated to serving our college, our community, and wherever else our services are needed.

About Alpha Delta Theta:

- We provide the resources for unique and innovative programs that encourage, engage, and motivate individuals to complete their degrees, fulfill their dreams and become leaders in our society. We have a pledge to complete college program in place, and encourage students to use collegefish.org to ease their transfer into a 4-year college.

- Alpha Delta Theta is currently a 4 star chapter, with plans to become a 5 star chapter by 2015. This requires a lot of time and dedication from its members.

- Part of the 5 star chapter plan is to research and write about an Honors in Action Study topic. The topic is meant to benefit the college, the community, and beyond; where ever our services are needed. It will require an outside service project and a college service project, both meant to be of benefit and significance. This semester we will be exploring the Political Economy, and it's effect on Homelessness.

Alpha Delta Theta - Phi Theta Kappa is able to play a vital role in the lives of extraordinary students due to the generosity of our philanthropic partners who support the Society's mission through outright gifts, sponsorships, in-kind donations, and volunteering.

Your investment enables Alpha Delta Theta to expand our volunteer programs (we are currently collecting old clothing to be reused and/or recycled by H & M) and we just finished walking in the March for Babies, sponsored by the March of Dimes. We are also in the beginning phases of setting up a program for the homeless. It also allows us to attract talented speakers that aid in developing our leadership programs. It allows us to travel to other schools in our region, which develops fellowship, and scholarship in our members through the lively exchange of ideas. It also enables us to focus on and implement our Honors in Action Study topic, which includes our service and college projects that are put in place to serve the community, the college and beyond. It is through your generous donations that we may focus on our four hallmarks of leadership, service, fellowship, and scholarship.

We thank you for your support!



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by Sandra O. from Clarksville (Administrator for this Organization) (2014-07-01 10:51:33.0)
Alpha Delta Theta - Phi Theta Kappa has helped me in numerous ways. It has encouraged me to be of service to others, something that I had not really considered before. It has also helped me to build on my leadership skills through seminars and classes. I am now the current Vice President of Service, and am the Interim President until our election is held. I am running for the position of President for the next semester. Without the seminars and classes offered by PTK, I am certain that I would not have the confidence to run for this position. I have also made many new friends through Alpa Delta Theta. They welcomed me with open arms, starting with a beautiful Induction Ceremony. At the Induction Ceremony our college President gave an inspiring speech on what it means to be a member of PTK. He then greeted me personally, shook my hand, and gave me his card, should I need anything, I had a similar experience with the chapter President and other officers, and members.