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Mission Statement

The mission of theVisions of Peace Project has been to promote peace by supporting and encouraging artists to express their visions of peace across the many spheres and meanings of our shared human experience. It is based on the belief that peace on earth requires peaceful living with our planet and a true appreciation for all individuals who need natural resources now and in the future. The works of art included in Visions of Peace: A Touring Exhibition of Art are indicative of the fine quality of work that meets this mission.


Visions of Peace is a group artistic statement on the practical and spiritual possibilities of personal, community and ecological peace.

As contributors to this offering, we combine the perspectives of different cultural traditions toward a common goal. We welcome your participation in this experience; may your hopes be deepened, your determination to change be inspired.

We are essentially spiritual, links in a grand Whole beyond our rational understanding. We deepen our appreciation of our transcendental nature through our chosen ways of meditating, relaxing, slowing down. The mandalas can assist in this centering, quieting process. The center vases are symbolic archetypes for the perennial roles of men and women, as we ascend to greater awareness.

We are also physical creatures of the earth. Our beautiful home, our origin and source of life responds to our reverent love and care. Individually and together, we cooperate with nature’s systems. We creatively adopt sustainable methods of cultivation and transportation, suited to the conditions of our environment: piedmont, upland, sea or coastal marshes.

Peace within begins peace with others, and collectively, with the earth and beyond. May you feel peace and take peace with you this day.



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