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Mission Statement

Exponents is a 501(c) 3 community-based organization dedicated to helping men and women suffering from the effects of substance abuse to reclaim their lives. Programs are a synthesis of therapeutic community and low threshold principles that engage and retain clients in services. They are designed to support successful life transitions for the neediest of New Yorkers by empowering individual responsibility in an inspiring community setting. Intensive education and case management services gradually move skills needed to break barriers to gaining housing, employment, and health care.

Exponents is a client driven organization rather than program driven. This individualized strategy responds to the changing personal deeds of men and women who are recently released from prison regardless of their stage of addiction or recovery. Many are at risk for or have diagnoses of HIV and Hepatitis C. Exponents has assisted individuals in stabilizing their personal lives by providing access into primary and mental health care, and our own job readiness program that prepares them for positions in the HIV and substance abuse field. We assist them in learning that their past life experiences have value and that they can draw on those life experiences to direct their futures into purposeful lives.


Exponents is dedicated to creating and conducting peer driven HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and quality of life training programs with a harm reduction orientation for substance abusers and their families throughout New York City.

Exponents’ mission is to assist individuals and families with difficult transitions:
from addiction to recovery; from incarceration to civilian life; and from welfare to work.
Three principles guide the programs offered at Exponents:
I. The importance of offering peer-orientated and peer-delivered services consistent with the therapeutic community philosophy of former substance users helping other substance abusers;
II. Harm reduction, which acknowledges the active substance users need and deserve services and that serving them can lead to incremental reduction in risky behaviors and transition to healthier living; and
III. Individual responsibility and empowerment, which provides clients with the information, motivation and communication skills necessary for informed testament, employment and lifestyle decisions.

Our Programs

All of our programs and services are free of charge and are held at our centrally located Manhattan office.


A two-month program, offered five times each year, to care for individuals and families affected by HIV, other chronic illnesses, and drug abuse. In a uniquely supportive, inspiring and educational environment, ARRIVE offers health education, relapse prevention, life-skills building, training, and support services that assist with recovery and build stability for those combating illness, addiction, poverty, and homelessness.

ARRIVE Post Graduate Program (APGP)

Provides advanced training in health education/recovery readiness and relaspse prevention.

Adult Literacy Program

For adults who are looking to earn their GED certificate, the Adult literacy Program providing clients with GED preparation classes, in anticipation of taking the High School Equivilancy Examination. There are morning and afternoon sessions, four times a week.

The Recovering Annex

Provides clients at any stage of recovery with workshops and peer mentoring services. Services promote long-term recovery through a peer support model of Mentoring Circles, group social and strategy development activities, skills training and recovery community and family support.

Transitional Counseling Unit

Staffed by our graduates, this program works with inmates release upon release from Rikers Island by facilitating their network of community-based treatments. Our staff secures stable housing and medical services prior to our clients’ release to provide a more successful transition from prison to community life.

Project START

Provideds HIV/HCV prevention education, Pre/Post release with incarceration men released from Riker's Island.

Drug Treatment Services

A unique program designated for special populations with persistently chronic illness such as mental illness, HIV, Hepatitis C, diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. This program provides a stabilizing, holistic approach that enables our clients to deal with illness and stay in treatment.

Supportive Case Management

Experienced peer case managers help individuals achieve stability and independence by assisting with benefits such as housing, primary care, and drug treatment needs. HIV counseling, an education relapse prevention group, and individual counseling help people with multiple challenges to build safer, healthier, and more independent lives.

Living Well

Educational workshops focused on skills building intervention for gay, bisexual and other HIV positive, MSM with substance abuse histories.

The Judith Loeb Chiara Recovery & Wellness Center

Manhattan's sole Recovery Center operational six days a week, Monday through Saturday.


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