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Mission Statement

Mission: The mission of The Mustard Seed Farm is to guide participants to see the world, themselves, and others in a new light. Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses; The Mustard Seed Farm utilizes all of what participants bring to the farm in the hopes of helping them develop healthy and authentic ways of living. We are solution-focused and provide safe opportunities for all to grow through exploration, experimentation, and creative activities with horses in a supportive, positive environment. The Mustard Seed Farm's purpose is to help participants explore their learned behaviors, correct false beliefs that they have developed, and create a more balanced and nurtured, authentic life. Vision: To apply a grassroots, cognitive and experiential approach creating growth and learning. We encourage clients to celebrate diversity, take risks, and face difficult challenges. Our vision aspires to teach respect for one another, appreciation for nature, horses and our community.


The Mustard Seed Farm is both a clinical, as well as a non-clinical Equestrian Center with diverse clientele and highly skilled staff. We bring much needed healing services to the New England area including Equine Assisted Growth and Learning and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and education. The Mustard Seed Farm is a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to challenge families, individuals, and groups to see the world, themselves, and others in a different way.

The Mustard Seed Farm prides itself in providing a team of caring, qualified riding instructors who make it possible for all our clients to participate in Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy. We are solution focused and offer a safe opportunity for clients to grow through exploration, experimentation, and creative activities with horses and nature. Some of our equine educational programs include team building, bullying workshops and summer camp programs for children, teens, and foster/adopted children. As well as offering therapy through our Seed of Courage Program for Veterans and public service employees, this supports individuals and their families in personal and professional development. Participants in these programs will face exciting challenges that will improve their physical, mental and emotional health at the same time working toward decreasing overall stress levels, providing healthy coping strategies and improving self-awareness


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by Alison G. (2016-04-21 20:32:42.0)
My mother and I started volunteering here a year and a half ago. I have special needs that are depending on others to help me with certain tasks I can't do on my own("yet"). It's very emotionally hard for me to live with certain challenges that keep me from doing what every normal person would live. I'm usually strong, and confident about my own life, but sometimes it hits me emotionally. Horses are truly an amazing gift from God! All these years growing up around them have made me grow more confident, happier, and fearless. Though there's still a lot to learn about them magnificent creatures, I thank my teacher(s) for showing me how to handle them with confidence even in dangerous situations. But that doesn't mean that they won't ever have me concerned because horses are bigger than you. Never take them lightly, or else let the horse teach you a lesson. This is where my passion grows! If you're a horse lover, then I recommend you stop by to experience the therapeutic environment.