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Mission Statement

Pregnant Mare Rescue (PMR) is Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS)
verified, 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit horse rescue dedicated to the fulfillment of three
objectives: saving pregnant mares and orphaned foals subjected to various abuses; educating the
public on the plight of our American equines today; and providing healing programs for children
from all walks of life.
Established in 2006, PMR operates as an equine rescue / rehabilitation center and
temporary sanctuary. PMR specializes in providing the unique care required for pregnant mares
and orphaned foals. Our goal is to rehabilitate and re-home the horses readying them for new homes.
As we work to place these rescued animals in new caring homes, we advocate on behalf
of all horses educating the public about abuses occurring in our nation. There are three
outstanding issues we vehemently oppose and wish to shed light on.
The neglect and abuse of mares serving in the production of the drug Premarin.
(This is an estrogen supplement made from the urine of pregnant mares.)
The systematic eradication of Wild Mustangs and Burros off the plains across America.
(The Bureau of Land Management is in gross violation of national law, and our mustangs
face extinction if this practice is not stopped.)
The two atrocities hidden within the Horse Racing Industry.
(1. Nurse mare foals are a by-product of the racing industry. The dam is impregnated so
that she will come into milk for a more important foal. Her foal is discarded (sent to slaughter).
(2. Racing is tough on young horses and many thoroughbreds break down at a very early
age (2yrs.), or are simply to slow for racing. They are discarded to the auction house.)
Without intervention from already stretched-thin horse rescues, these equines all face
certain slaughter. Statistics show that over 110,000 American horses are shipped to
slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada every year. The brutal reality is that horses are hauled
away in double decker trailers, where they are beaten and often blinded with baseball bats to
mollify them. After crossing the border into Mexico, the animals are stabbed on either side - an
act said to tenderize the meat - and immobilized. Workers then saw the horses’ legs off at the
knee and hang them so they bleed out. All while the animals are still alive. Horses sent to
slaughter are intended for human consumption, satisfying markets in Europe and Asia.
Our last objective is to provide opportunities for children to experience the wonder of
horses. PMR acknowledges that horses mentor the human spirit. They are healers, and when
given the opportunity statistics have shown the remarkable impact horses can make in the lives
of children. All of our programs are non-riding programs. Our unique approach allows us to keep
the needs of the horses in primary focus while creating a tremendously positive impact in the
lives of participating young people.
PMR has recently been honored with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: we have been
chosen to protect and preserve a parcel of pristine land on the Monterey Bay. Once regarded as
sacred land by the Ohlone Tribes, this 120-acre property has been lovingly tended for the past 14
years and is guaranteed protection against industrial development. The present landowner is
pointedly interested in creating a sanctuary for horses. Not only will the purchase of this land
create a viable legacy plan for PMR, it will allow us to flawlessly expand the reach of our
already thriving programs.
This call to action is critical. All involved parties feel that PMR’s role in the community
is in perfect alignment with the goals for the future of this land. Our team members are fiercely
committed providing sustainable environments; our programs for children always teach
preservation, kindness, and healing towards animals and land alike. Not only will this property
provide us with the space in which to accomplish these goals, but it will further empower us to
provide sanctuary for horses too abused to re-enter society. In other words, while our primary
goal will continue to be rehabilitating horses to re-enter life outside PMR, this land allows us the
capability to expand our sanctuary to permanently house those equines who would otherwise
have no options at all. This potential would save the lives of an incalculable number of animals,
while exponentially expanding our capacity to work with children.
This land will also enable PMR to establish a critical legacy plan, one which would
enable us to achieve full accreditation with the GFAS, and a place for PMR to call home. This
expansion represents the pinnacle of PMR’s efforts over the past eight years.
We are committed to providing a safe and natural environment for the mares to
rehabilitate, foal and nurture their new foals in peace. We evaluate each horse, put a plan in place
and begin to prepare them for new loving homes. Horses don’t run out of time here. Each horse
has value and gifts to share. We teach and live by the natural horsemanship philosophy of
harmony between human and animal, not intimidation. We reach out to active members in the
Not once in cinematic history did the iconic cowboy ride off into the sunset and eat his
horse. Americans don’t eat horses.
We acknowledge horses as healers and share the miracles of love and empowerment through our
children’s programs.
We continuously engage in efforts to keep horses out of harm’s way, across industries
and experiences. We provide alternatives for owners who cannot care for their pregnant horse to
surrender animals to us. We aim to educate the public about hidden abuses against young and
pregnant horses. Our "Umbrella Policy of Protection" tracks each horse for life. Our horses
become members of a growing family committed to life-long care. We retain the right to approve
future re-homing of adopted horses, and allow any horse from PMR to return to us, no questions
asked. We encourage owners to love and keep their equine for life, as we feel the only way to
keep horses safe.
Community is a huge component in our vision. We serve the needs of our local counties
first, helping horse owners that are in need of assistance. We also provide a magical environment
for adults to come and volunteer. We are continually thanked by our volunteers as our temporary
sanctuary is a thoughtful, reflective safe haven. The horses and the people enjoy quiet
uninterrupted time for meditation and healing. We feel we are a horse rescue like no other. It is
not just about numbers, but the healing of each soul. We also actively engage our community
offering programs free of charge, so that anyone can come and spend some magical horse-time in
the company of others.. Community service hours can be performed here, and PMR works with
many organizations throughout the county.

We work tirelessly to inform and motivate the public. It is continuously noted that the public is simply not aware. The abuses are hidden as big industry carries on. One conjugated equine estrogen (CEE), industry insider says, "See, the foals--and the mares which [sic] can’t
get pregnant any more--they are the by-product of the industry... We crush ’em and recycle 'em, just like [aluminum] cans."
The very survival of our American horses is in question. The wild ones are silently being rounded up and sent to slaughter. The domesticated ones often fare no better. The time has come for public awareness and the voice of the American people to be heard. When made aware, 80% of American’s oppose the slaughtering of horses.

PMR strives for excellence in our work. We aim to give each horse its’ best chance at good life. Horses too damaged for people contact have been put into private sanctuary across California. It is a painstaking process to locate willing appropriate caretakers, making our land
purchase critical. We use many modalities of healing; Veterinarian, equine acupuncture, equine
acupressure, flower essences, massage therapy, chiropractic, herbal supplements and animal
intuits. Our organization shares our vision of care and compassion to both equines and humans.
Through the careful assessment of children's therapy and equine rehabilitation specialists,
PMR has designed and implemented a number of successful programs that couple the uniquely
therapeutic energy of horses with the fragile needs of youth. PMR places the needs of our horses
in the forefront of therapy, integrating horses as non-riding partners in the therapy process.
Children learn hands-on care and compassion in a way that emphasizes the importance of mutual
respect and care for other sentient beings. Miracles really do happen in the company of horses.
PMR’s non-riding youth therapy initiatives have successfully partnered with such local
groups as CASA of Santa Cruz County, Foster Children of Santa Cruz County, Coryell Autism
center, The Workability Program, and the Teen Peer Court Program.
We encourage inquiry into our
Please contact Lynn Hummer at: pmrhorses@pregnantmarerescue.com
Youth Programs
Future Strategies’2014 and Beyond


We are a small grass roots organization working tirelessly to educate the public on the needs of our equines today. Our rescued horses are magnificent healthy horses deserving of a better life, and a forever home, not death by slaughter.

In 9 years, and through the difficult economic climate, this re50 horses.

We have helped the ISPMB (international Society of Mustangs and Burro's) by accepting orphan foals from North Dakota. We have accepted Premarin mares right out of the barns in Canada , ready to foal. We serve the community and network to find homes for horses in need, when owners are down on their luck. PMR has even paid veterinary bills for strangers in order to keep their loved horse where they belong, right at home.

We track every horse we save for life, making sure they are guaranteed saftey and love the remainder of their days. For the babies, that can be a 30 year commitment. Our rescues have taught us that horses mentor the human spirit, and this gift we share, for free (The Wonder of Horses Program) to children and adults alike.

We are 100% run by volunteers .


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Would you recommend Pregnant Mare Rescue?

by Janet T. (2017-05-06 18:25:35.0)
I volunteer to support the goal: “… to rehabilitate and re-home the horses…” Fearful, dangerous, or withdrawn horses began to trust and recover due to a dedicated coach who volunteers her time, facility, skill, and $$. I muck stalls, fill water tubs, feed, etc. I had no expectation except to mimic the coach’s method when feeding or grooming horses; for safety and consistency. If you like doing tasks independently after you learn the ropes, this is five stars. If you anticipate horsemanship training or riding lessons this may not be the place for you unless you are experienced and willing to learn and adhere to the coach’s methods. Any potential volunteer should be sure they understand the expectations and limits of a volunteer position. I will continue doing what I can to help.
by Melanie M. (2017-05-04 20:43:52.0)
I was not prepared as a volunteer to be treated so disrespectful by the owner of the horse farm (PMR-SV). As with the two previous commenters, I had the same experience.
by Dana N. (2017-02-07 13:28:47.0)
Having volunteered at several other types of organizations in the past I came to PMR-SV with certain expectations, particularly around training, communication and professionalism. The overall PMR charter is absolutely wonderful and highly respectable, and I was happy to give up some of my very limited time off to contribute. I found that training was non-existent, communication was unclear and often conflicting and the way that I was treated was as far from professional as possible. Unfortunately (for the horses in need), this chapter of PMR is not one where I would ever recommend volunteering your time.
Previously Flagged and Approved
by Terisa D. (2017-02-07 13:28:36.0)
The negatives of this experience outweighed the joy of being around some very lovely horses. Little hands-on training is provided so you must instinctively know what should be done at the farm without direction. Often there will not be adequate tools needed to do the job properly. You will also likely be subject to challenging encounters with the director of PMR Scott’s Valley. She will not be present, but will come check your work after you leave. After putting in 3 hours every Saturday with friends (9 man hours) mucking out stalls, cleaning a paddock and brushing and walking every horse, the feedback on our work was almost always negative. Any amount of time put in will not be sufficient. Do not expect to work much with the horses, this volunteer position is mostly only for heavy cleaning. I would suggest finding another opportunity where the staff are present and appreciate any time you are putting in for free during what would otherwise be your own leisure time.
Previously Flagged and Approved