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PO BOX 962ranch-668 Larkin Valley rd, Watsonville 95076Aptos, CA 95001 United States

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Mission Pregnant Mare Rescue (PMR) is Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) verified, 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit horse rescue dedicated to the fulfillment of three objectives: saving pregnant mares and orphaned foals subjected to various abuses; educating the public on the plight of our American equines today; and providing healing programs for children from all walks of life. Established in 2006, PMR operates as an equine rescue / rehabilitation center and temporary sanctuary. PMR specializes in providing the unique care required for pregnant mares and orphaned foals.


We are a small grass roots organization working tirelessly to educate the public on the needs of our equines today. Our rescued horses are magnificent healthy horses deserving of a better life, and a forever home, not death by slaughter.

We have helped the ISPMB (international Society of Mustangs and Burro's) by accepting orphan foals from North Dakota. We have accepted Premarin mares right out of the barns in Canada , ready to foal. We serve the community and network to find homes for horses in need, when owners are down on their luck. PMR has even paid veterinary bills for strangers in order to keep their loved horse where they belong, right at home.

We track every horse we save for life, making sure they are guaranteed saftey and love the remainder of their days. For the babies, that can be a 30 year commitment. Our rescues have taught us that horses mentor the human spirit, and this gift we share, for free (The Wonder of Horses Program) to children and adults alike.

We are 100% run by volunteers .


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by Rick F. (November 2, 2017)
I joined Pregnant Mare Rescue because I love horses and wanted to support a worthy cause. They conducted several COOL fundraiser each year to help stay in business. It a noble endeavor and the horses need the support from everyone. They buy and rescue pregnant mares who are at feed lots on the way to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered. These horses are so precious. I can't imagine how expensive it can be to feed, provide medical attention, and nurse the horses back to health. I attended a benefit called Brunch with the Babies and it was a great event. The weather was great and food fantastic. I even won 2 tickets for Roaring Camp Train ride after entering the raffle contest. My wife and I both enjoy LOVING, feeding, grooming and watering all the rescue horses. If you can give to a great cause...this is the one. A few dollars to sponsor a horse each month which will help feed and care for them, or you can just send them a check. Keep up the great work all my friends at PMR.
by Robert B. (November 2, 2017)
Interested in helping Mares and their Foals live the life they deserve? The Larkin Valley ranch where these rescues reside is a special space. Walk onto the property and you instantly feel this is a place where people come together to work miracles. Volunteers are treated with nothing but gratitude. It's fun to be a volunteer for this ranch and set aside the time to muck the stalls, bring each horse their feed, provide clean water and the bonus...getting nuzzled by a grateful horse and looking into the eyes of gratitude. They can always use more volunteers with the winter coming and I can highly recommend the Larkin Valley location as a great place to give one, two or a few hours a week.
by Genie B. (November 1, 2017)
What started as a community service opportunity for my kids has turned into a once a week commitment helping at the Larkin Valley Ranch and also helping with events and other aspects of the amazing non-profit. Everyone at the rescue are loving, caring and helpful. The horses are all wonderful and it's therapeutic just being there. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to help a worthy cause and/or want to be around the healing nature of horses.
by Sue M. (November 1, 2017)
Helping ensure the horses and their babies have a clean place to rest, food and water are just a few of things the volunteers help with, and I can highly recommend this fantastic rescue to anyone wanting to be a part of this ranch and organization dedicated to the well being of their rescued horses and mares. The love and care of the traumatized horses is evident in everything they do here. The Larkin Valley Ranch in Watsonville has a hard working group of volunteers, many who work elsewhere and show up, muck stalls, feed and care for the rescues. Denna works tirelessly for the horses and will happily train any volunteer wanting to learn more. Put on your boots and prepare to get dirty and when you're done, you feel sooooo good knowing you were a part of making these mares and their babies lives a lot better. Volunteers are treated really well at the Larkin Valley location and I would recommend this horse rescue to anyone. They also need help with events which is also fun!
by Richard B. (November 1, 2017)
This horse ranch on Larkin Valley road in Watsonville is a respite for the rescued horses, Mares and foals who are all lovingly looked after by the Ranch Manager, and the team of volunteers who obviously enjoy being there -- smiles, laughter and gratitude are the three words that come to mind when I think of Pregnant Mare Rescue at Larkin Valley. This is a great place to volunteer and the horses will always be excited to see you, especially when you have alfalfa and hay in your hands. Mucking is always needed, and it's a great way to help these beautiful animals enjoy their home a little bit more. I would encourage anyone who wants to work with and around horses to contact the ranch and go up there for an orientation. Good people doing great things.
by Monica H. (November 1, 2017)
If you want to volunteer at a horse rescue where you will make a difference and be thanked, this is the place! I was able to help with a fundraiser and I was thanked by the owner, the events chair, and several other people. The horses are clearly loved and well taken care of and every volunteer seemed to love being up there. I was a last minute volunteer and welcomed and trained by one of the board members on what to do. And thanked again and again. There is clear directions for the volunteers, and it is so fun to see the baby horses so happy and loving all the attention and care. The mares are healthy and the atmosphere is serene and happy. If you want to make a difference to a rescue horse, and enjoy being outside, working hard for an hour or two, and feeling rewarded by a nicker two from the horses, then this is the place to volunteer. I can't say enough good things about the people at Larkin Valley and can't wait to go back. Awesome ranch with nice people!
by Rich Evan B. (November 9, 2017)
Pregnant Mare Rescue Foundation, based on Larkin Valley/Watsonville is an exceptional facility where volunteers are appreciated, the rescued mares and foals are loved, respected, and cared for during their rehabilitation. I am disappointed to see the reviews about the Director of the Scotts Valley facility, though it no longer has any affiliation with the Pregnant Mare Rescue Foundation. I suggest reviewers come out to the Larkin Valley facility and experience the wonderful work being done there, meet the mares and foals, talk with two amazing people- Denna, the dedicated Ranch Manager and Lynn, the founder of PMR, or any of the many volunteers who show up weekly and experience the joys of volunteering with this dynamic group of people. This Rescue deserves five stars, and I would encourage the reviewers and anyone else to come to the Watsonville facility and experience the appreciation we all feel each time we are there! PMR is a very special place to volunteer. ❤️
by Janet T. (November 14, 2017)
I have volunteered at the Scotts Valley location for over a year. The owner of this facility has special expertise handling traumatized horses. It was amazing to watch fearful abused horses from Larkin Valley PMR become calm, adoptable, desirable horses. Because the horses need the owner’s experienced handling, SV volunteers focus their efforts on facility maintenance and barn chores. Those who are in search of free riding may be disappointed (see reviews from two such people). After the horses have had adequate guidance, Scotts Valley volunteers may handle these horses, and many of us do. I thoroughly enjoy helping and will continue to volunteer at SV. It is a privilege to watch the owner guide the horses to healing both physically and in spirit. The camaraderie among the volunteers who all share the same passion is just an added bonus. My 5-star rating is based exclusively on my experience at the Scotts Valley facility.
by Dana N. (February 7, 2017)
Having volunteered at several other types of organizations in the past I came to PMR-SV with certain expectations, particularly around training, communication and professionalism. The overall PMR charter is absolutely wonderful and highly respectable, and I was happy to give up some of my very limited time off to contribute. I found that training was non-existent, communication was unclear and often conflicting and the way that I was treated was as far from professional as possible. Unfortunately (for the horses in need), this chapter of PMR is not one where I would ever recommend volunteering your time.
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by Terisa D. (February 7, 2017)
The negatives of this experience outweighed the joy of being around some very lovely horses. Little hands-on training is provided so you must instinctively know what should be done at the farm without direction. Often there will not be adequate tools needed to do the job properly. You will also likely be subject to challenging encounters with the director of PMR Scott’s Valley. She will not be present, but will come check your work after you leave. After putting in 3 hours every Saturday with friends (9 man hours) mucking out stalls, cleaning a paddock and brushing and walking every horse, the feedback on our work was almost always negative. Any amount of time put in will not be sufficient. Do not expect to work much with the horses, this volunteer position is mostly only for heavy cleaning. I would suggest finding another opportunity where the staff are present and appreciate any time you are putting in for free during what would otherwise be your own leisure time.
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