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Mission Statement

At The Parker Lee Project, our mission is to help families with medically dependent and special needs children obtain the needed medical supplies and equipment, education, and support. Our focus lies on community efforts near and far, including being a resource for families while navigating the system, educational opportunities, and emotional and financial support.


The Parker Lee Project idea started shortly before our daughter, Parker Lee Reynolds, gained her wings on October 20, 2012. Parker was born June 30, 2010 with Lissencephaly and Microcephaly. Over her short life she acquired many more diagnosis, equipment, and supplies. When she passed she was tube fed dependent, had a tracheotomy, had countless seizures, and was on full time oxygen. Her bedroom looked like a hospital room. During her time as an angel on earth I, Megan, struggled, argued, and pleaded with doctor offices, insurance companies, and DME companies more times than I could count.

I know first hand how hard it is to get all the supplies and equipment needed for a special needs child, especially the ones insurance deems a 'luxury' though they're actually essential. I also know the struggle it is to find agencies to help get these items or the therapies needed for your child. I have learned more than my fair share through diligent research, caring for my daughter, and being a support to my freinds and their children as well as their support of me.

We want to help as many families and children as possible. The life of a special needs parent is already hard enough. It's a constant fight and battle for survival and to get the things your child needs and deserves; we want to help make it a little easier.



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