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Mission Statement


  • We are standing for the greatness of homeless people and the huge contribution that they have to make to the rest of us. We hold a new and radically different interpretation of who homeless people are. We see them as the vanguard of a new culture, one that is based on the dignity and inherent value of human beings rather than our value as consumers in a society dominated by fear and money.

  • The word "homeless" is itself an economic definition that labels people as a waste product of our consumer culture. These people have either voluntarily or involuntary stepped out of the consumer paradigm and are already living in the new world described by many contemporary visionaries.

  • We are building a public platform for the people who have no homes so that they will show and tell the world who they are.


Our MISSION is to:

  • Shift perceptions of homelessness and of the people who are homeless from helplessness and hopelessness to appreciation, compassion and connection.

  • Humanize the homeless in the eyes of the world through their artistic expression. Capture and develop the music and art of homeless people and use this artistic expression to reveal their passion for life and deep connection to the human family. Provide avenues for entrepreneurial enterprise utilizing social business models.

Ultimate Outcomes:

· Art, Music & Other Creative Arts Programs are flourishing at homeless shelters

· Homeless Participants are empowered, confident and self-expressed

· Homeless Shelters are empowered, working with ease, grace and joy

· Hearts of Fire produced Products are providing income for individuals and shelters

· Hearts Of Fire Programs have replicated in every shelter in the US, Canada & Europe

· Artists, Musicians, Writers and Related Organizations actively participate and promote these programs and products

Short Term Outcomes:

· Conduct creative arts programs at homeless shelters

· Create a source of revenue for homeless people and shelters by establishing retail sales operations at homeless shelters, a web catalog, web sales

· Perpetuate and expand the Hearts Of Fire Project, create a model for shelters and artists to copy and implement.



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