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Mission Statement

Art for Animals' Sake (AFAS) strives to inspire a message of compassion through teaching artistic skills as a tool to empowerment and developing healthy social coping mechanisms.


AFAS’s art workshops also help to fill the vacancy in art educational in public school programs. Participants in the program gain experience in a variety of art mediums, including painting, drawing and photography.

The workshops use animal advocacy as a central theme, which provides the participant with a meaningful connection to their art and simultaneously conveys valuable life lessons. This is beneficial especially to pre-teen youth, validating one’s ability to control and express oneself in a healthy and constructive way.

AFAS educates workshop participants on responsible animal guardian techniques while unleashing their creative side. During this time, artists connect with students on a personal level, improving their artistic talents and helping them understand more about how to properly care for animals. The result is an expressive and tranquil experience, where animal owners can share their experiences and gain valuable educational information. Lessons include art mediums such as painting, drawing/cartooning, and photography.

Social Benefits

Art education plays an important role in childhood development. It helps children to develop into complete human beings. Research shows that through art activities, children develop life skills, including communication, problem-solving, social and emotional skills, through self-expression and creativity. Art also provides a way for children to communicate with others; children are able to express their feelings through artwork even when they do not comprehend words yet. In addition, art provides children the ability to make their own assessments and teaches them that a problem may have more than one answer.



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