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Mission Statement

Our mission is to work toward obtaining the basic human right of competent adults to choose to end their lives on their own terms when they suffer from irreversible physical illness, intractable pain, or a constellation of chronic, progressive physical disabilities; to raise the awareness of all Americans concerning this basic human right; to offer free services to all who qualify, providing relevant information, home visits if possible and a compassionate presence for individual and family; to promote the use of advance directives and other related legal instruments to document one's individual intentions; to sponsor research into new peaceful and reliable methods to end life; and to vigorously defend our guiding principles in a court of law when necessary.


Everybody dies -- many, terribly, unaware they have options about how and when. Final Exit Network's primary mission is to bring those options out of shadow and into daylight. We provide information that alleviates fear about the dying process and replaces it with soothing peace of mind: When disease and suffering hit, members want the same control over their ends and they did over their lives.

Members have a basic human right to choose to end their lives when they judge the quality of their life to be unacceptable. This right by its nature implies that the ending of one's life is one's choice, including the timing and persons present, and should be free of any restrictions by the law, clergy, medical profession, and even friends and relatives no matter how well-intentioned. We do not encourage anyone to end their life, are opposed to anyone's encouraging another to end his life, do not provide the means to do so, and do not assist in a person's death.



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