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Mission Statement

Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary serves as a refuge for farm animals: cows, horses and donkeys, goats, farm pigs, potbelly pigs, ducks, geese and other poultry such as chickens and turkeys. We provide the following promise to these animals: to live out their lives in comfort and peace, never to face hatred, confinement, starvation or abuse again.. They deserve no less.


Cotton Branch Farm provides farm animals what they need to achieve a happy life: depending on the situation this may include: rescue, transport, re-homing, or living here at the sanctuary with comfortable shelter, good food, veterinary care, and an atmosphere of respect and love.



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Would you recommend Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary?

by Susan F. (2017-01-16 10:07:40.0)
This group of caregivers are truly 100% into their mission of saving animals from the despair of cruelty and starvation and abuse. I do recommend them highly. In no way did they make me feel unwelcomed. Not once did they ask if I was vegan, Christian, my financial status or any other questions that would make me question their integrity as to they are who they say they are. I will gladly return and volunteer my time to help their cause and I hope others will volunteer their time. If there is no time to spare, please give a gift, even if it is as little as a dollar. A dollar can make a meal for an animal in need.
by Judy S. (2016-11-11 17:33:21.0)
This rescue believes if you are not vegan you do not love animals. The director on one of her rants on Facebook asked "What have you done to make the world better? that's what I thought!" meaning if you are not vegan you do not make a difference in this world. Another helper, makes it very clear he does not like Christian's, so if you don't fit into what they feel is a true "animal lover" don't bother going out to support this rescue.