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Mission Statement

Let All The Children Play is dedicated to improving the lives and dignity of all children by developing accessible playgrounds and inclusive recreation programs allowing children with the disabilities the opportunity to experience play, side-by-side, with their able-bodied peers.


For many children, playing in an outdoor playground is taken for granted. It is a place for happiness and laughter, expression and investigation. Play comes naturally to these children. On the other hand, some children have difficulty participating in this activity. These children may be physically challenged and the equipment or its surroundings may not be accessible to them. Other children may have cognitive challenges and may have difficulty finding motivation to participate. Others may be visually impaired and not able to "find the pathway" to reach the pieces of equipment easily. Whoever the children are, whether they have disabilities or not, they are children and deserve to play together with other children in an environment that is safe, motivating, and suited to their needs.



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