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Mission Statement

The mission of mentalfitness, inc. is to build mental fitness in all youth through arts-based awareness and prevention programs. We collaborate with national experts in medicine, nutrition and mental health to bring together (and create new) evidence-based programs that improve the seven protective categories of mental fitness; community connections, self-esteem, media literacy, mindfulness, body image, stress-management, nourishing body & mind.


For seven years, our arts-based initiatives have provided a safe, unique and interactive launching point for discussion of complex mental health issues that face kids from all communities and backgrounds. Our goal is to build the shared protective factors and enhance mental fitness in all youth.

Why Arts?

Aside from being entertaining and engaging, performing arts, mindfulness, writing and creative art techniques have clinically shown to increase brain functioning, decrease stress and increase self-esteem. We incorporates these into our array of more than 14 initiatives. Read more about arts and the brain in this report issued by the President’s Committee on Arts & Humanities.

"The act of making art exposes a society to itself. Art brings things to light. It illuminates us. It sheds light on our lingering darkness."

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

Working in collaboration with local and statewide agencies and top experts, Mental Fitness, Inc. offers an array of arts and media initiatives to educate about life-threatening mental illnesses, eating disorders and to encourage quality nutrition, healthy body image, stress management and wellness in schools. Our programs serve as content to more than 20 other nonprofit organizations, to state agencies, schools, universities and to Dr. Oz’s ShareCare medical website.

We specialize in training community leaders, educators, school nurses, coaches and parents about eating disorders and managing mental illness in the school and university setting.

We believe that prevention begins with collaboration. We proudly collaborate with those listed below to safely create our array of programs:

  • the leading nonprofit organizations in eating disorders and mental health
  • the top researchers in psychology, nutrition and mindfulness
  • award-winning film makers, producers, artists and leaders in entertainment
  • nationally recognized educators
  • award-winning yoga, mindfulness and stress-management leaders

Since our inception in 2006, our array of programs have been presented in diverse, multi-ethnic communities; including middle schools, high schools, universities, medical, educational and arts festivals worldwide.

Our programs have shown efficacious in ...

  • reducing the shame and stigma surrounding mental health, eating disorders and weight
  • improving school mental health resources
  • increasing ability to manage serious mental illness in schools
  • enhancing protective factors for obesity, eating disorders and addictions
  • decreasing the risk factors for obesity, eating disorders and addictions

Learn more about our evidence-based programs here.

All of our programs, films and events have been graciously produced by (or in collaboration with) whitelephant productions in New York City.



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