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Mission Statement

BARC is a non-profit all volunteer group dedicated to animal welfare. We obtained our (501C3) status in 2002. Our main focus is to eradicate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats by promoting and providing spay/neuter surgeries for pets of low-income families.


BARC’s spay/neuter program is open to anyone who is on government assistance or can show proof of financial need, regardless of residency. Government assistance can be: WIC, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Medicaid, Food Stamps, IL Link Card, Section 8 Housing, etc. Our criteria for yearly low income is under $20,000 per individual or $32,000 per family. Proof of eligibility must be shown on surgery day.

BARC provides this wonderful community service to help families who want to do the right thing and fix their pets, but lack the financial means to do so.

If you qualify, you can schedule an appointment by calling Carol House Quick Fix Clinic at 314.771.PETS (please reference BARC’s program). So hurry while funding is available!



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by YoLanda G. (2015-09-30 20:28:25.0)
BARC steals puppies and dogs from inside people’s fences. Our fence was closed and they opened it while we were at work to steal my adorable puppy. Then BARC Supervisor Chris tried to re-sell me the puppy he stole for $120.00. When I told him to give back after he admitted that he trespassed and stole Gummi, he then said I would have to pay $550.00. Of course I called the Houston Police Department and Officer Henry told me that I should pay the fine because BARC legally steals other people’s puppies and dogs so that the City of Houston can profit. As I was writing a check for $550.00 to retrieve Gummi who Chris admitted that BARC had stolen from the closed fenced-in yard, another person from the back office came to the front desk to tell me that Gummi was sold!!! Long story short, Suzanne Hollifield, Senior Police Officer at the Houston Police Department lies in Office Reports and the thieves have stolen many puppies and will continue to steal unless the community takes a stand.