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Mission Statement

The foundation has been increasingly active in promoting itself as a hub of cultural life in Taipei. This marked an important transition in policy, allowing the city's arts festivals and cultural centers to be overseen by a single body, and more importantly, to be seen as a series of interconnected activities and spaces. In its management of the Taipei Film Festival, the Taipei Arts Festival, the Taipei Children's Arts Festival, the Taipei Fringe Festival, and other large-scale cultural events, the foundation aims to promote the arts and cultural life in Taipei by using an integrated marketing strategy, encouraging public participation in the arts, expanding the citizens' artistic horizons, and increasing the rich diversity of city life.


Taipei Children’s Arts Festival

The Taipei Children’s Arts Festival is a four-week festival that takes place each year in July and present live performances, installation exhibitions, film screening and workshops. With fully supported by the Taipei City Government, the Festival will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2014. The festival is an annual arts banquet for family audience in summer and has long been awaited by parents and children in Taipei every year.

Since2008, the festival has been organized by the Taipei Culture Foundation. "Imagination Only" was set as the theme of the festival and was built through presenting excellent international programs and encouraging innovation among local talented artists.

The festival is to provide an easily access arts environment to encourage parents and children to be involved in arts activities together by various free events. More than 200,000 audience participated festival each year. In addition, the festival starts to create a platform for international and local artists to exchange ideas and share experience to further the theme of the festival.

Taipei Arts Festival

Taipei Arts Festival has continuously demonstrated the value of artistic creativity over its 16-year history. It is presented by Taipei City Government and co-organized by Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei Culture Foundation. The festival features a series of themed performances held in a variety of performance spaces throughout Taipei. A feature of the festival is the annual installation exhibition, which provides an opportunity for interpretation, presentation, and appreciation of theatrical performance for everyone to enjoy. It’s main idea is Taipei as a hub for international participation and not only introduces works of originality and creativity but also produces cross-genre performances, cultural exchange with other cities, supports promising artists, and establishes its status in the Chinese speaking world.

Taipei Fringe Festival

In Scotland, the Fringe Festival's scope surpasses that of the Edinburgh International Festival.
In Provence, the Off Festival is what makes the Festival d'Avignon shine.
In Formosa, the Taipei Fringe Festival is the pride of Asia!

In the overall structure of cultural environment, urban culture plays an important role. Aside from mainstream arts performance in pop culture, there are also other alternative, non-mainstream, experiential art performances that are an integral of shaping the unique qualities of urban culture. The goal of the Taipei Fringe Festival is to provide a platform for liberating art from the theatre space. Instead, art can be performed in galleries, parks, coffee shops and other spaces of public life, allowing for the occurrence of all kinds of small-scale performance art pieces or installations. Through this mechanism, more people can come to understand that art does not just derive from elitism, but can also be the product of everyday lives; anyone can enthusiastically display their creative passions.

The concept of the "fringe festival" originated in 1947 during the Edinburgh International Festival in England, when eight arts groups who were not invited to participate in the festival decided to create their own event to rival the International Festival. Their event, called "The Fringe", developed a great reputation. And in the 60-plus years since then, the Fringe Festival has become the most popular arts movement in the world. The spirit of a fringe festival is to open up the concept of freedom, and as such any willing artist may participate. Since it is unjuried and has no selection committee to approve entries, it has become an arena for new artists to make their marks. For audiences, a fringe festival is always a treat because it carries with it a sense of adventure and fun. Shows fly by so fast, and who knows who you’ll see on stage - maybe tomorrow’s next star!



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