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Mission Statement

Stem Cell Net Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational or scientific purposes. The mission of this corporation is:

-to encourage humanitarian aid in support of building bridges between science and health care practitioners around the world;

-to facilitate networking among volunteers and supporters of stem cell, molecular or related research that leads to therapy development;

-to enrich the global knowledge of human health focused on, but not limited to related research for neurodegenerative rare-diseases and conditions which currently have no effective methods for treatment or cure, biomedicine, nanotechnology, biology and chemistry;

-to improve transparency and accuracy in news and the overall information dissemination especially but not limited to subjects that focus on a particular field of stem cell and derivates, and

-to match the needy with a program or doctor if available in the foundation information system and if resources permits.


Stem Cell Net Foundation (SCNF) currently is enlarging the board advisory committee which serves as a pool of potential leaders of the organization. In the near future, the board will elect the executives and other positions through a voting process.

Candidates should be familiar with biomedical, nanotechnology, stem cells research and therapy development.



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by Randall L. (2014-12-19 17:35:52.0)
Little confused on volunteering for stem cell therapy, I am a rural veteran with severs degenerative ankle joint. But x-rays shows I am still a good candidate for therapy, the VA main cure is just to do a ankle fusion, they will not let me try the stem cell therapy first. They claim my age of 56 is not worth the cost. Maybe there right, I am in good health and very active. Live in Fernwood, ID very remote area and can only count on my self to chop wood, hand plow shovel the driveway, but with a fused ankle it would be difficult. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.