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Mission Statement

IMNO is also known as The Mission Continues.

IMNO stands for "International Mentoring Network Organization". IMNO is the hub for the "open source mentoring" movement.

IMNO is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that makes professional mentoring available to everyone. Individuals can access the IMNO Web site to study the advice of successful professionals and apply the principles they learn in their own careers. This mentoring is provided to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Mentors selected by IMNO possess positive attributes and are examples of service and sacrifice to the community, nation, and world. Through using IMNO, professional mentors have one location where they can refer individuals to learn from them. There is no cost to be an IMNO mentor or member.

IMNO empowers its members to interview successful professionals within their own communities. Members can record and post the interviews to not only develop their own careers, but to allow everyone else to learn from the professional's knowledge and experience. After interviews are submitted to the IMNO Web site and posted online, IMNO members can then read and download the interviews and participate in discussions with IMNO mentors. IMNO members are also notified via email when a new mentor who matches their professional interests is added to the Web site. IMNO membership is free.

IMNO firmly believes in the timeless principles of integrity, hard work, collaboration, family, and team building. We believe that character combined with professional focus creates the greatest success. IMNO values every noble and ethical profession in the world, understanding that true professional success is what makes economies function, civilizations continue, and families grow.


The International Mentoring Network Organization (IMNO) began when three University students identified the lack of professional mentoring available to the general population. If you did not belong to a university, club, or professional association; you could not access the knowledge, advice, and vision of the alumni in their respective organizations. Chris Deaver, Jetmir Hysi, and Patrick Tedjamulia began to ask "Why?"

After studying the open source methodology, they connected the concepts of open source and professional mentoring and created an opportunity for young aspiring professionals to develop themselves in proactive, powerful ways no matter where they lived, what school they attended, or what organization they belonged to. The idea was to empower individuals with an honorable reason to interview their ideal mentor. The honorable reason is to share the mentor's advice, knowledge, and vision with the rest of the world. Chris, Jetmir, and Patrick labeled the idea "open source mentoring".

n October 2003, the International Mentoring Network Organization was founded to launch the open source mentoring movement, as an official 501c3 non-profit, IMNO membership is free to everyone. Because of IMNO, individuals can interview their ideal mentors and post the interviews on IMNO to make them available to everyone. IMNO gives you an honorable reason to approach your ideal mentor and ask for an interview.

In addition, IMNO has become a neighborhood for powerful, philanthropic mentors to share experiences and vision. Thousands of individuals from over 50 countries have since joined the Network, becoming heirs to an unparalleled opportunity to share their own success stories. Newspapers, magazines, and broadcasting stations have caught on as well, joining in the IMNO mission to creatively inspire aspiring professionals to accomplish meaningful objectives through open source mentoring.



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