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Mission Statement

To help people of developing countries help themselves through education and grassroots programs, while providing an opportunity for people in the United States to learn about global issues and experience the joy of helping others.


Namlo International works in Nepal and Nicaragua and designs projects around the "5 S’s": School Construction, School Enhancement, Sister Schools, Scholarship Program, and Sustainable Community Development. Namlo’s approach is to help communities take responsibility for their schools -- including participating in the construction, developing income generating projects to support their school, and working together to provide governance and support for good teaching and learning.

Namlo International’s goal is not to just to build schools, but also to make them self-sustaining. To do this, Namlo focuses on a comprehensive approach to promote self-sustainability in rural areas with projects in children’s education, adult literacy and education, agriculture, women’s empowerment, business development, and water and sanitation.

In Nepal, Namlo International has a dhaka weaving program which provides rural women with training to produce dhakas, traditional textiles of Nepal. The women use a variety of materials including cotton, modal, silk, bamboo, and cashmere to make the dhakas, and they weave beautiful and unique designs. Namlo International sells the dhakas in the United States, and the women weavers have been able to double their income through the program. This extra income has provided the women with money to send their children to school.


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