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Mission Statement

Our mission is to change lives of audiences and singers alike by creating "Thrilling Harmony": Nearly flawless unaccompanied vocal music, performed with deep passion and great energy.
We envision a world where all men are singing and everyone is listening. We believe such a world would be more harmonious in every way. In all that we do, we seek to promote a lifetime of singing among a diverse community of men.


Take 90+ talented singers, a gifted musical director, a pedigree of excellence, a dedication to making a difference in the world and the result is High Impact Harmony.
The Great Northern Union Chorus (GNU) is an internationally acclaimed, auditioned men's a cappella chorus based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, drawing members and audience from throughout the Midwest.
Founded in 1985, the GNU's mission can best be described as "High Impact Harmony". Unaccompanied vocal music which is technically near-flawless passionately performed and tirelessly spread to audiences and potential singers alike.
We envision a world where all men are singing and everyone is listening. We truly believe that such a world would be more harmonious in every way.
The GNU impacts three interrelated communities with distinct benefits for each.

The members:
GNU consistently report that being part of our artistic community is one of the most satisfying and emotionally enriching aspects of their lives. This impact is borne out by the amount of time and resources they devote to this endeavor.

The community:

  • Studies by Chorus America find that singing in a chorus is strongly correlated with qualities that are associated with success and good citizenship.
  • Choristers are almost 3 times more likely to be officers or committee members of local community organizations such as the PTA 78% of choral singers indicated they volunteer in their community, while only 50% of the general public say the same
  • 74% of choral singers agree that singing in a chorus has helped them become better team leaders or team participants in other areas of their lives
  • Choral singers donate 2.5 times more money to philanthropic organizations than the general public

The audience:
Research published in American Scientist indicates that a cappella consonant harmonies have a more heightened emotional effect on human beings than harmonies produced by instruments or by instruments plus voice. The inherent emotional impact of our artistry - inspiration, joy, love, hope, comfort, laughter - has a human value that is distinct from other music.



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